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Alex Rostan

Alex Rostan

MS Business Applications MVP / Principal MCOE Slalom Canada

Toronto, Canada

Microsoft Business Applications MVP
AI Solutions Specialist / Cognitive Services Integration / ChatBots / Copilot / RPA Specialist / Power Platform Architect / Cloud Architect / Azure / M365


Area of Expertise

  • Business & Management
  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Power Platform
  • Microsft 365
  • AI
  • Cognitive services
  • Low Code
  • Microsoft Fabric
  • Azure

AI Power - Cognitive Services and Power Platform

Boost the power platform apps using Azure Cognitive Services

Virtual Agent - Power BI Administrator Tenant Manager

We are going to cover how to create a PVA Assistant to handle some insights about your tenant, extracting data via Power BI Rest API Custom Connector.

Some of the information that we are going to handle with PVA:
- Number of workspaces in our tenant
- Number of Power BI PRO Licenses assigned
- Number of datasets
- Dataset Analysis - Get refreshables, filtering for an average refresh duration of greater than X minutes
- Number of dataflows

Un asistente en mis reuniones de Teams

¿Por qué no tener un asistente en las reuniones de Microsoft Teams? Algo que nos ayude a activar la grabación, a transcribir el texto de esta, etc.

En esta sesión veremos cómo podemos extender Microsoft Teams para añadir un Bot en las meetings y que nos asista.

Con este Bot podremos, por ejemplo, grabar de forma automática aquellas reuniones que son de interés para la empresa o que, por temas legales, son requeridas para grabar.

Enlace a la sesión:

Unleashing the Full Potential of PowerApps: Amplify Productivity with Copilot and Seamlessly Connect

Learn how to harness the potential of Copilot to enhance your productivity and create robust, feature-rich PowerApps in a fraction of the time. Furthermore, we will delve into the seamless integration of PowerApps with Microsoft Fabric, a comprehensive end-to-end data solution. Uncover the benefits of leveraging Microsoft Fabric to connect your PowerApps with a wide array of data sources.

AI Power - Cognitive Services and Power Platform

Power Virtual Agent connected to the PowerBI API using a custom Power Automate connection

Microsoft Fabric + PowerPlatform + Azure Open AI = Magic Mix

Intro to a use case to understand how to leverage a new PowerApps with Copilot land the data into Dataverse and pick it up from Microsoft Fabric to enable a LakeHouse and via DirectLake stream analytics with Power BI. Real use case scenarios to share on this session.

AI Power - Power Platform and Azure Open AI

Let's add more AI capabilities to our power platform applications.
Join me for an insightful session where we delve into the world of artificial intelligence and its seamless integration into Power Platform applications
Learn how to elevate your applications with advanced AI capabilities, empowering you to make intelligent decisions, enhance user experiences, and streamline processes.

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Alex Rostan

MS Business Applications MVP / Principal MCOE Slalom Canada

Toronto, Canada

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