Alex Terentiev

Information & Communications Technology

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Burbank, California, United States

Alex Terentiev

Office Development MVP. Microsoft 365 PnP Team Member. Custom Solutions Architect, Lead Developer at Sharepointalist Inc.

Alex has been working with SharePoint for more than 10 years, focusing on building custom SharePoint/Office 365 solutions. He is leading development of various SharePoint products, being used by hundreds of companies all over the world. Having very strong background in front-end development, he is riding the modern web development wave and helping community with learning latest development techniques. Alex is a member of Microsoft 365 PnP Team, regular contributor to Microsoft 365 PnP initiative and maintainer of PnP Reusable Controls repositories. Three times awarded during invite-only SharePoint Dev Kitchen events hosted by Microsoft SharePoint Product Team: 2017, 2018, 2019. 2017 European SharePoint Community Award Finalist.

Current sessions

SharePoint Framework Connected Web Parts

The session guides how to connect SharePoint Framework web parts using dynamic Property Pane Properties as well as events model.
Knowledge from the session can help to develop such scenarios as search refiners or page anchors navigation.

Developing React Templates Using SharePoint Framework Library Components

Templating is a pretty powerful approach to provide extensibility to a project/component/library. It can be used to deliver different behaviors and/or look and feel to different customers, or provide extendable open-source libraries.
There are a lot of template libraries out there that can be used in your project.
The problem with these libraries is that in most cases they provide you an ability to define "static" content (basically, HTML and CSS). And if you want to include some actionable content (e.g. handle events from outside the template, etc.) - it might be either tricky or impossible.
This session showcases how you can implement fully functioning React Component templates for SharePoint Framework web parts using SPFx Library Components.

Create Your First Bot to Communicate with SharePoint Lists

The session
1. overviews Azure Bot Service and Bot Framework,
2. provides high-level steps on how to configure and develop a bot and connect it to MS Teams
3. Overviews different type of Cards (Adaptive cards, List cards, thumbnail cards)
4. Shows how easily created bot can be also used as Messaging Extension in MS Teams

Create Beautiful Web Part in Minutes Using PnP Reusable Controls

The session shows how to use PnP Reusable Controls to quickly create beautiful and functional SharePoint Framework web parts

SharePoint Framework and Vue.js - More Fun Together

The session describes how developers can use popular Vue.js framework to implement SharePoint Framework solutions.
It covers next key points:
1. SharePoint Framework Development basics
2. Vue.js basics
3. Configuring SharePoint Framework project to use Vue.js
4. PnP SPFx Yeoman generator as a starting point for Vue.js-SharePoint Framework solutions

SharePoint Online Developer's Toolset

The sessions describes a place of SharePoint in Modern Office 365 and Microsoft ecosystem.
It provides high-level overview of the building blocks that are available for a developer in SharePoint Online

Modern SharePoint Development - SharePoint Framework Extensions

This presentations covers next key points:
What is SharePoint Framework
SharePoint Framework Development Overview
SharePoint Framework Extensions Overview
SharePoint Framework Extensions Demos

Extend SharePoint Framework Yeoman Generator for Your Needs

Yeoman is a scaffolding tool for modern web applications.
It provides us a generators ecosystem where generator is a plugin that can be run to scaffold complete projects or useful parts.
Yeoman generators in general and SharePoint Framework generator in particular provide an ability to create own generators by extending existing ones. It means that you can extend out of the box SPFx generator with tools and libraries you need in your projects.
Key point of the session:
1. Key concepts of Yeoman generator and extensibility
2. Basic Node.js and Yeoman Generator APIs to simplify custom generator's development
3. Demo of simple extension of SPFx generator
4. Showcasing PnP SPFx generator as a solid example of customized scaffolding tool

Develop Once, Use Twice - SharePoint Framework in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams and SharePoint integration becomes deeper.
Now, using single Office 365 Platform for deploying applications, a developer can create an application that runs both in SharePoint and Teams.
Current session:
1. Covers the process of creation SharePoint Framework application
2. Demonstrates conditional code based on execution environment (inside SharePoint or inside Teams)
3. Showcases deployment and configuration of created application in SharePoint and as a Teams Tab

Past and future events

SharePoint Fest Chicago 2018

3 Dec - 7 Dec 2018
Chicago, Illinois, United States

Office 365 Saturday Redmond

27 Oct 2018
Redmond, Washington, United States

SharePoint/Office365 Saturday Utah 2018

3 Feb 2018