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Telford, England, United Kingdom

Alex Whittles

Chief Frog

Alex is a Data Platform MVP, and is the owner and principle consultant at Purple Frog, a Microsoft Data Analytics consultancy in the UK with multinational clients in a variety of sectors. He specialises in all aspects of data warehousing, ETL, cubes, Machine Learning and Power BI using the Microsoft stack.
Alex is also the creator of Power BI Sentinel, a governance and disaster recovery tool for Power BI.
Alex has an MSc in Business Intelligence, is a chartered engineer, is on the organising committee for SQLBits, and leader of the Birmingham Data Platform Group. Alex is also a regular speaker at many Data events around the world including SQL Bits, Data Relay, Data Saturdays, Data Grillen, 24 HOP and the PASS Summit.
In his spare time he's also a qualified pilot.

Microsoft Data Platform MVP since 2015.
Principal Consultant at Purple Frog Systems.
Qualified pilot

Current sessions

Power BI Composite and Advanced Models

Take Power BI to the next level to support BIG data, as well as layering logic over the top of an existing cube or dataset for unlimited flexibility.

This session will look at composite models as well as Direct Query over Datasets to see how they can enhance our Power BI world.

Use this to combine different datasets into a single report, as well adding your own logic and data on top of someone else's dataset.

Power BI Calculation Groups

Level up your Power BI capability by using calculation groups to simplify time intelligence (WTD, MTD, etc).

Don't copy and paste the same DAX date logic into every calculation, instead centralise and standardise your time based calculation logic, and use Calculation Groups to apply this to all of your measures!

Power BI governance, disaster recovery and auditing

As your Power BI usage grows you need to think carefully about how to plan and manage your tenant so you don't lose control of it and end up in Power BI Hell.

In this session we'll look at Power BI Sentinel, and show how this tool can protect you by taking care of automated backups, change tracking, auditing, enhanced data lineage, permissions and much more.