Alexander Benoit

Alexander Benoit

Pirate | ceo water IT Security & Defense

Alexander Benoit is the CEO of water IT Security and Defense a company that provides holistic and continuous security. Specializing not only in enterprise security consulting but also in 24/7 managed SOC, Alex has deep threat insights from over 100 thousand endpoints, identities and SaaS usage. He is a Microsoft MVP for Security and a member of the privileged group of Microsoft Regional Directors. With Trust in Tech Cologne, he leads a community of now several thousand white-hats.


Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology

the double-edged sword of ai in cyber security

This talk highlights the disruptive impact of AI in cybersecurity. We'll explore how large language models are utilized by both defenders and attackers in the cyber world, leading to a complex cat-and-mouse game. We will start with some noteworthy threats that were built on AI before we move to the defender perspective. In addition to Microsoft's Security Copilot, we will also talk about general requirements for dealing with large language models before moving on to the question of enablement. In addition to getting started with AI in cybersecurity, there will also be a few best practices that will be your key takeaways.

Ransomware as a Service - are YOU prepared?

Another exciting year with huge security incidents lies behind us. It is worth noting that the threat landscape is becoming increasingly complex due to influences such as war, economic instability and pandemic. Attackers are adopting more and more professional approaches. In this session, Alex will describe where the RaaS model has found its origin and describe some of the most spectacular cases where enterprise environments have been compromised due to the use of ransomware. The session will provide a good mix of advanced threats taking into account the challenges of security operations, as well as recommendations for hardening the environment.

ChatGPT and the impact on cyber-security

ChatGPT is perceived as a disruptive event similar in scope to the invention of the computer. It has long since broken through the IT bubble and is even discussed extensively in "mass media". While the first European countries, such as Italy, are already pulling the plug on the platform due to a lack of data and youth protection, blackhats are upgrading with the first proof of concepts with code and more professional phishing texts. But it's not just hackers who are evaluating ChatGPT as a way to make work easier; Microsoft has also laid the groundwork for its use in the technology with Microsoft 365 Copilot. In this session, we'll look at the impact of the OpenAI solution on cyber security, discuss existing threat scenarios and opportunity for optimizing a modern Security Operations Center (SOC).

building a threat intelligence program: strategies and best practices

For organizations planning to develop or enhance their threat intelligence capabilities, this session offers a roadmap. We'll discuss the key components of a successful threat intelligence program, including resource allocation, tool selection, team skills development, and establishing efficient processes for intelligence gathering, analysis, and dissemination.

Evolving Cyber Threat Landscape: Insights from the Microsoft Digital Defense Report

This session will delve into the key findings of the latest Microsoft Digital Defense Report, highlighting the evolving nature of cyber threats. We'll analyze trends in phishing attacks, ransomware, and nation-state activities, offering insights into the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) used by adversaries. The session will also discuss effective defense strategies and the importance of threat intelligence in staying ahead of attackers.

Experts Live Europe 2023

September 2023 Prague, Czechia

ExpertsLive Norway 2021

May 2021 Oslo, Norway

Techorama 2021 Spring Edition

May 2021 Antwerpen, Belgium

Alexander Benoit

Pirate | ceo water IT Security & Defense