Alex de Groot

Information & Communications Technology

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's-Hertogenbosch, North Brabant, Netherlands

Alex de Groot

Building Great Products as Technology Coach

Alex is a highly enthusiastic person with 12+ years experience creating successful (software) products at ISVs. His contagious source of positive energy mixed with his experience allows him to blend cutting edge technology with innovative products. Currently he mainly focusses himself on Architecting for DevOps, Artificial Intelligence and next-gen UX such as Unity & Cognitive Services.

Current sessions

Architecting real life solutions with AI & Cognitive Services

The Netflixes of this world talk about Neural Networks, Machine Learning & Cognitive Services, but you are still building that same enterprise app. And guess what... you don't have the time to get acquainted with this new technology. Wouldn't it be nice if you simply can drag 'n drop these new capabilities when you have the real business case? And by the way... how to handle this business case?
During this talks I go in-depth on how to integrate these new capabilities into your carefully designed architecture. Based on real life experience I'll explain where you can start, which choices should be made and what knowledge you need to enable yourself to use AI.

This talk has been delivered at 3 meetups and 1 conference (FutureTechNL) in the Netherlands. The feedback from 2 attendees "We should have had this overview at the start of this conference. It gives us the overview that we've missed before." And: "Thanks for giving me the confidence that I'm on the right track exploring the AI world."

Running ONNX-Models in Production

ONNX and ONNX-ML are the surviving interoperability standards for Artificial Intelligence. Supported by Microsoft, Facebook, NVidea, AMD and AWS, ONNX is THE way forward. The standard allows trained AI-models to be easily distributed, fine tuned and executed everywhere.
But how does such a model really work? Should it run on a CPU or a GPU? How can we tune a model for optimal results or optimal performance? How do you chose the right delivery method for your Cloud Edge? And once you have the clue of these concepts, what CI/CD options do you have?

This talk explains everything from what an ONNX-Model is, how it's build, how you host it and how you can use it inside you application. It doesn't require you to be a data scientist, but rather an AI enthusiast, who has a need to make the AI promise run in production.

I've seen that several engineers and architects are not only struggling to get the basics, they are entering a new technology and they want a helping hand. This talk focuses on explaining in normal engineering terms how to merge these software engineering world with the AI world.

The future of the API Economy: Federation

During the past years, everybody has been moving into the API world. The emergence of light weight web frameworks such as ASP.NET Core, hosted on a container made the growth of APIs even bigger.
We see a tendency of all logic moving step by step behind a comprehensive set of APIs. This opens up new world where everything is loosely coupled and every API becomes a Lego-brick.
The new scale of the API world also introduces new challenges... How to handle cross concerns such as Authentication and Authorization? What about the Monetization of your API? It's time for API Federation!

During the past year I've worked with a international team of specialists on an Open API standard ( which simplifies the problems of APIs at scale. The standard enables both producers and consumers to be effective. During this talk I'd like to explain our use cases, obtain feedback and engage the audience to contribute to the new API economy!