Alex de Groot

Alex de Groot

Scaling Product Teams

's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands

Alex is a highly enthusiastic person with 15+ years’ experience creating successful (SaaS) teams & software. A contagious source of positive energy mixed with a curious mind makes him a fast learner and smart speaking partner. You can wake him up to test one of the latest technical innovations, but you will hit his main interest when technology is used in an intelligent way to achieve business goals. He’s always up for a challenge. When the stakes are high, constraints are big, and there’s little room to maneuver, he is at his best.

A large part of his mind is focused on how innovation can help us to take on the largest challenges in the world. He's a firm believer that an open data revolution, where everyone can access high quality data with security & privacy in mind, will enable us to tackle the biggest problems in the world. By talking about the ethics involved, deliberately exploring the business opportunities and learning about the latest technologies (such as AI, Big Data, Platforms, APIs & Blockchain), Alex hopes to contribute to the greater good.

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Product Development
  • Product Management
  • Scaling
  • software engineering
  • Cloud strategy
  • Technology
  • DevOps & Automation
  • Azure
  • Privacy
  • Encryption
  • Data Privacy
  • private cloud
  • Teamwork
  • Software Engineering Management
  • saas
  • Team Leading
  • Software as a Service

Implementing a Zero-Trust Architecture with Containers & .NET 7

Zero Trust is the buzzword currently on the Cloud. In a world where nobody can be trusted, all should be secure and verified... But how? Really how? What does this all mean?
In this talk I'll explore what Zero Trust Architecture really is. With just enough pictures to keep the overview and also showing a lot of simple code examples, this is an engaging talk which will encourage everyone to bring these simple things in your reality.
Shall we build the next generation of secure applications together leveraging the latest and greatest in Azure, Containers and .NET 7?

The talk is setup to be very engaging for engineers to try stuff out. A technology shift to AWS, GCP, but also Java, Kotlin, Go, PHP, Python or Rust can me made to accommodate the audience.

Implementing a Privacy First Strategy

Over the last few years privacy of the individual online has become a hot topic. With the introduction of the GDPR, privacy became a first-class human right for EU-citizens. At the same time, recent allegation at the address of many social networks have shown that when technology grows uncontrolled, it easily jeopardizes this right.
Although this focus on privacy can easily be classified as risk and a lot of work for your business, it can also reveal a massive opportunity. Can we turn it around and make privacy a unique selling point of your software?
During this talk I'll give a clear definition of what a Privacy First strategy is, where it comes from and supply simple patterns & practices to make it part of your software and the daily routines of an engineering team.

Encryption demystified in a world of Metaverse and Quantum computing

Every day we keep on moving more of our lives online. Even your smallest actions at home get recorded and logged somewhere in the cloud. Over time we'll be able to replay yesterday and even predict tomorrow.
So how can we make sure that only a limited set of people can use our data? Today we trust on encryption. We encrypt our data traffic, our database, sometimes even end-to-end. But what if there's a guy with a big Quantum machine who can decrypt this all? Is this guy there? And should we be afraid?

Encryption has been a big vague topic in computer science since it's inception. But it's time to change this. We all have the right to know how well our data is protected, what we can do to improve this and where we should be aware of... without the requirement to obtain a Master in Math ;-).

This session can be used as a keynote or a light night talk. Depending on the audience and session time, it can contain more simplistic examples or even give in-depth technical examples.

Future Tech 2022

June 2022 Utrecht, Netherlands

DevSum 2022

May 2022 Stockholm, Sweden

Alex de Groot

Scaling Product Teams

's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands