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Aman Sharma

Aman Sharma

Cofounder Lamatic.ai

Miami, Florida, United States

Aman is a serial technology entrepreneur with 3 startups and has deployed over a dozen digital / AI products. He was a machine learning researcher at TU Wien (Vienna University of Technology), a UX / AI lead at upsell.ai and the founding lead at Mobile-web.dev . He is an active member of DevOps and AI community. He has delivered 50+ tech talks, shared advice on product building and mentored hundred of young entrepreneurs in technology and entrepreneurship. He was featured as a top CTO in India.


  • Most Active Speaker 2023

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology
  • Media & Information
  • Business & Management


  • JavaScript
  • python
  • Mobile web
  • Modern Web
  • engineering leadership
  • DevOps
  • Cloud & DevOps
  • Container
  • Engineering Culture
  • Web
  • Full Stack
  • web security
  • StartUp
  • DevSecOps
  • LLMs
  • Artificial Inteligence
  • Large Language Models
  • generative ai
  • Building tech team
  • Build and Release
  • Lean Startup

Accessible Web with AMP

Topic Description: Most often, Accessiblity and optamization comes as the last step of our site development. This leads to chaos and we end up having a site that’s too hard to optimize. What if there was a way to optimize it with best practices right from the beginning. Here is where AMP comes in. In this talk you will learn about this amazing web framework that promises amazing performance and Accessibility

In this session, attendees will learn about AMP and its capabilities.

Preserving Buddha wisdom through LLM

Learn through this session how a team of AI and LLM engineers is translating and preserving the words of Buddha through Large Language model. This session will also help you understand how to get started and apply LLM in various other applications.

Making Web Apps AI Native : Building limitless experiences with GenAI

LLM are on the rise and everyone is trying to build products on top of them. One of the amazing capabilities we now have is having no limit on amount of content we can present without any sourcing through LLM API's. Yet its hard to build predictable experience that scale well with user needs. This talk is a guide on that. Discover all the tools and best practices that can enable you to go from prototype to scale with GenAI based on real world use cases.

Generative AI in Continuous testing

In this session, we'll explore the power of Generative AI in revolutionizing Continuous Testing in the DevOps lifecycle. We'll discuss how Generative AI can create diverse test scenarios, intelligently identify and prioritize bugs, and expedite testing processes. Through case studies, you'll discover practical strategies for integrating Generative AI into your own QA practices. Join us to unlock the potential of Generative AI in enhancing software quality without sacrificing speed or agility.

Building SAAS faster with GenAI

This talk presents a forward-looking perspective on the integration of Large Language Models (LLMs) into existing SaaS platforms. We'll explore strategies for replacing extensive custom code with advanced LLM-based logic, thereby streamlining the software development process. The discussion will cover practical methods for embedding LLMs into various components of SaaS applications, emphasizing efficiency gains, scalability, and enhanced functionality.

Key Points -
1. LLMs in the Context of SaaS Development: An introduction to the role of LLMs in modern software development, particularly in SaaS environments.

2. Replacing Custom Code with LLMs: Detailed insights into how LLMs can replace substantial portions of custom-built code, focusing on areas like natural language processing, user interaction, and automated decision-making.

3. Integration Strategies for LLMs in Existing SaaS Platforms: Practical approaches to embedding LLM logic into current SaaS applications, including architectural considerations and retrofitting existing systems.

4. Case Studies of LLM Integration: Real-world examples of SaaS applications that have successfully integrated LLMs, highlighting the challenges, solutions, and outcomes.

5. Optimizing Development and Maintenance Cycles: Discussing how LLMs can streamline the development process, reduce maintenance overhead, and enable more agile responses to market changes and user needs.

6. Challenges and Best Practices in LLM Integration: Exploring common pitfalls and best practices in integrating LLMs into SaaS development, including data privacy, model training, and ensuring the reliability of AI-generated logic.

Web Security at early Stage Startup

After building 3 startups and seeing a lot of security incidents at early-stage startups, Aman compiles all the learning in form of best practices and a playbook that other early-stage startups can also adopt to have a strong foundation.

The Lean DevOps Playbook : Make it success from Day one

After working at 4 early stage startups, Aman complies and shared the behind-the-scenes of tech startups from Disaster to Bliss DevOps. Also sharing some blunders that would make the audience chuckle

The session will include -
1. Code and Repo Structuring including Monorepo
2. Lean Product and Sprint management
3. Minimal CI/CD that saves tonne of time
4. Automations that you will thank later
5. Containerisation and deployments
6. Other Code best practices like documentation, DevEx, Analysis etc

How I accidentally created my CDN ?

This talk is about a real life journey in which I started with a basic problem of on demand TLS over any domain and ended up containing end to end self sustianable CDN equivalent to cloudflare.

This journey would help the attendee learn techniques from multiple desciplines -
1. Problem Solving
2. DevSecOps
3. Network and Servers
4. Containers
5. System architectures

Making Web more Native

PWA has seen a huge surge in recent years and businesses have been benefiting a lot from them. But many of them still struggle in making a better product experience, hence questioning the intent of a web app over a native app in terms of user experience.

This talk is about decreasing the difference between what is a PWA and a native app. We will see some design practices and patterns that can be helpful to remove this void ultimately providing an awesome user experience. This will include SPA, PWA, TWA, service workers, designing, native web API usages, and more.

LLMOps: The Key to Successful LLM Deployment in SaaS

LLM's are on the rise and everyone is trying to adopt them for there SAAS product. But the key to a great LLM implementation lies in successful LLMOps. Inherently LLM as not production ready, often give inconsistent answers and hallucinate. This talk will be a complete go around about everything LLM Ops - Why do we need it?, How to do it? tools and best practices.This talk will help anyone who is thinking of putting LLM in production to actually doing a successful implementation.

This is high level Table of content for the talk -
1. LLM in SaaS: An Overview
2. Understanding LLMOps
3. Addressing LLM Challenges
4. LLMOps Step-by-Step
5. LLMOps Best Practices
6. LLM Success Stories
7. Future of LLMOps

DevOps Days Philadelphia 2024 Upcoming

The Startup DevOps Playbook - Making It A Success From Day One

May 2024 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Atlanta Cloud Conference 2024 Upcoming

March 2024 Marietta, Georgia, United States

Michigan Technology Conference 2024 Upcoming

March 2024 Pontiac, Michigan, United States

DDD Melbourne 2024 Upcoming

March 2024 Melbourne, Australia

Data.TLV Summit 2024

February 2024 Rishon LeTsiyyon, Israel

Orlando Code Camp 2024

February 2024 Sanford, Florida, United States

THAT conference Texas

The Lean DevOps Playbook

January 2024 Austin, Texas, United States

Building a GenAI product

A session on how to build a GenAI product

January 2024 Noida, India

National Startup Day at NSIT

This Even was about sharing my startup Journey in the session named Zero to Hero and also Judging a Startup pitching competition.

January 2024 Delhi, India

Google DevFest Ludhiana 2023 (In-Person)

December 2023 Ludhiāna, India

GDG Ahmedabad DevFest 2023

December 2023 Ahmedabad, India

Symposium on Computational Gastronomy

Food X AI : Leveraging LLM for food API

December 2023 Delhi, India

AI DevWorld 2023

October 2023 Santa Clara, California, United States

ChefConf.23 Germany

October 2023 Munich, Germany

DevOps Days Tampa Bay 2023

September 2023 Tampa, Florida, United States

WorldFestival 2023

August 2023 San Mateo, California, United States

SEI Secure Software by Design

June 2023 Arlington, Virginia, United States

Global Mobile summit

Represented and discuss community landscape from AMP side

June 2023

India web community lead summit

Represented and discuss community landscape from AMP side

June 2023

Cyber Security Global Summit 2021 DAY 1 - Entry-level track

June 2023

Modern Frontends Live! 2022

November 2022 London, United Kingdom

NFT.London 2022 by NFT.NYC

November 2022 London, United Kingdom

Localhost Conference 2022

October 2022 Lagos, Nigeria

Devopsdays Eindhoven 2022

October 2022 Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Mêlée Tech - 2022

September 2022 Toulouse, France

Web Developer Conference '22

September 2022 Hamburg, Germany

Web 3 Conference

(Democratized, Decentralized research ecosystem with NFT and web3)
Sharing the idea of using web3 for a world of decentralized research at web3 conf

August 2022

Twitter Space event(Web Application Firewall 101 )

Discussing about web application firewalls and how to get started with them with NGINX engineering leed

February 2022

Cyber Security Global Summit 2021

(Security and UX hand in hand | Link)
How to provide better security along with good UX at Cybersecurity global summit

April 2021

Accessibility Days(Accessiblity with AMP)

How can we build more accessible internet using AMP framework

April 2021 Magione, Italy

React JS summit

diminishing the line between a web and native apps using ux and pwa practices at React global summit

April 2021

Dnn Summit

making optimized web project with amp and using it with DNN CMS

February 2021

DNN Virtual Summit 2021

February 2021 Orlando, Florida, United States

Global IT Security Conference

using UX to your advantage to create secure apps at Gloabl IT security summit

February 2021

Hour of Code | ACM Student Chapter IIT(ISM),Dhanbad

IIT ISM Dhanbad

January 2021 Dhanbad, India


How to plan and use datascience project to your advantage for better ROI at Belpy 2021

January 2021 Belagavi, India

Pycon Indonesia

A talk on managing projects and competing them on time at pycon indonesia

January 2021

Pyjama Conference

A talk on managing projects and competing them on time at pyjamas conference

December 2020

Pycon India

A talk on managing projects and competing them on time at pycon india

December 2020 Hyderābād, India

Python Global Summit

A talk on managing projects and competing them on time at python global summitA talk on managing projects and competing them on time at python global summit

November 2020

Devfest Great NorthDevfest Great North

creating performant and optimized web project with amp at Devfest great north

October 2020


mythbusting cloud and explaining easier entrance to start cloud adoption and learning at IGDTUW

October 2020

Jamstack Berlin

Using amp in JAMstack project at a meetup in jamstack berlin in collaboration with contentful

September 2020

Doing a web startup the right way

a meetup session guiding entreprenuer about scaling there web startup at mobile-web.dev

July 2020

GDG Cloud Ahemdabad

introduction to AMP and how it can help in making web application faster at GDG cloud ahemedabad meetup group

July 2020 Ahmedabad, India

Web Dev Live

Vast possibilties and landscape of AMP at WEB Dev Live

July 2020 Delhi, India


A talk on using AI on web application at community meetup of mobile-web.dev

April 2020 Noida, India

Fossasia Summit

A talk on making better performant web apps using the concept of AMP and PWA at Fossasia sumit singapore

March 2020 Singapore, Singapore

OpenTech Summit

A talk on making better performant web apps using the concept of AMP and PWA at opentech summit Delhi

January 2020 Delhi, India

OpenTech Summit

A talk on making better performant web apps using the concept of AMP and PWA at opentech summit Srilanka

January 2020 Colombo, Sri Lanka


Using AMP to Developers advantage to create performant and fast websites. Also introduced Wordpress way of doing AMP.

December 2019 Mumbai, India

About mobile-web.dev and AMP

Introduction to AMP and our mobile-web.dev community for awareness

December 2019

Online Meetup

A talk on making better performant web apps using the concept of AMP and PWA

September 2019

Online Meetup

Kickstarted AMP community interaction in India which was a seed for mobile-web.dev community

August 2019

Aman Sharma

Cofounder Lamatic.ai

Miami, Florida, United States