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Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands

Amir Sabirovic

Digital Strategists, creating business value through Data & Artificial Intelligence | Professional Speaker | Podcast host

High-tech is the red thread that runs through his career DNA as he aims to know how things work on a deep technical level and understand the strategic impact of the solutions. This ambition led Amir to a road of entrepreneurship while in college, building a firm focused on software development outsourcing for the creative industry. After his startup journey, Amir joined the oldest management consultancy in the Netherlands, helping customers in various High-Tech sectors. In this role, he covered Data, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Industry 4.0 and 3D Printing. The technological interest in combination with a passion for business and entrepreneurship led Amir to become the founding father of an Artificial Intelligence startup as part of the management consultancy firm.

He stands at the cradle of data science and organisational science. He aims to debunk the hypes surrounding Artificial Intelligence, Industry 4.0, Blockchain, and bring them back to the current reality of the businesses. His background in data-innovation projects and management consultancy enables him to transform companies into future proof digital organisations where analytical leadership is the core component. Amir helps companies with their digital transformation journey while developing the strategy and new business models based on data and artificial intelligence.

Current sessions

Demistifying the impact of Artificial Intelligence on organisations

The professional information streams are flooded daily with headlines about job loss, automation, robotisation, overlords and end of the world. Artificial Intelligence is the main subject responsible for all the fuss. But what is Artificial Intelligence really, how does it compare to human intelligence and what is the brutal reality in the core of this hype.

I will focus on the demystification of Artificial Intelligence-based on standard and practical sense and share his insights from his experience in projects within enterprise and SME organisations.