André van den Berg

André van den Berg

Consultant at Rubicon

Ermelo, The Netherlands


André works with Azure, Office 365, Intune, and automating things with PowerShell as a consultant at Rubicon. He worked as a system/network administrator at Meyra for 18 years and helped people with everything related to IT while innovating the IT infrastructure at the same time. He enjoys attending meetups and events to learn modern technologies, talk with interesting people and exchange stickers. He turned his hobby into his job and loves to blog (https://www.thecloudadmin.eu), work on IoT projects at home and read books to his daughter.


Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Azure DevOps
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Office 365
  • Hugo
  • Git
  • GitHub
  • Markdown
  • Windows 10
  • Windows Terminal
  • PowerShell
  • Azure Bicep
  • AVM
  • Symphony

The journey of Windows

A overview of Windows during the years and what is now in the latest Windows 11 dev release.

check your Infrastructure as Code (IaC) before or after deployment to Azure

Using GitHub Actions together with PSRule for Azure to check your Infrastructure as Code (IaC) before or after deployment to Azure

Bicep, Azure, IaC, PSRule for Azure, GitHub Actions.

in-place upgrade of Windows Server running in an Azure virtual machine (VM)

In the session, I will be discussing in-place upgrades for VMs running Windows Server in Azure. This process allows for the upgrading of the operating system of a virtual machine to a newer version while keeping all applications, data, and settings intact. I will cover the prerequisites for in-place upgrades, including the compatibility of the operating systems and the available disk space. During the session, I will discuss best practices for in-place upgrades, including taking backups, testing the upgrade in a non-production environment, and monitoring the upgrade process. Finally, I will discuss post-upgrade tasks.

Simple step to go from Bad Password to Password-Less

Explanation about what is Password-Less, Windows Hello, FIDO2, Yubikeys. Demo about using Yubikey to login on sites, Demo about Linux VM and login with your AAD account.

Make life of a Power BI Designer easy with version control and automation

Explaining the basics of version control with Git like command add, commit, push and pull. Explain the different steps in Azure DevOps like Board, Repo, Pipelines (Build, Release). Publishing Power BI reports on the PowerBI portal with Azure DevOps repos, build/release pipeline. To teach people to automate the process of publishing Power BI reports.

Windows 10 New Terminal with fancy Git prompts

Tell about the New Terminal with Windows 10 and how to get a real fancy Git prompt with information about your changes in your git repo by using the cascadio code font.

Blogging with Markdown and Azure DevOps

Explaining the basics of markdown, and then show how you can build a static site with Hugo generated from the markdown files. Then will show how to automate this with Azure DevOps. So first we put the markdown files on a Azure Repo so we can have version control. Then we build a Build pipeline in Azure DevOps to generate the Artifact that we can use in the Release pipeline to Publish the static generated website on Azure Webapps when there is a commit on the master of the Repo.

Unlocking Azure Excellence: Bicep, AVM Modules, IaC Pipelines for DevOps or Github

In this session, you will learn how to use Microsoft Bicep, a declarative language for describing and deploying Azure resources, to create your infrastructure as code (IAC). You will also see how to leverage AVM (Azure Virtual Machine) and Symphony, two tools that simplify the management and orchestration of Azure VMs, to deploy and run your IAC on the cloud. By the end of this session, you will have a better understanding of how to use Microsoft Bicep with AVM and Symphony to automate and streamline your cloud infrastructure deployment.

Learn to deploy Azure infrastructure using Microsoft Bicep, AVM modules, DevOps, and GitHub Symphony. Dive into the world of Infrastructure as Code (IAC) with practical examples and best practices.

Power BI Days Belgium 2020-01 Sessionize Event

January 2020 Kontich, Belgium

André van den Berg

Consultant at Rubicon

Ermelo, The Netherlands


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