Andrea Maglie

Information & Communications Technology

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Venice, Veneto, Italy

Andrea Maglie

CTO @ Metide

I'm a software engineer, Java developer for long time, Kotlin lover. I used to get my hands dirty with Android and virtual assistants.

Current sessions

A clean(er) architecture for Android

There are many ways to architect an Android app, but only some of them leads to a clean architecture. Kotlin can help us building cleaner, maintainable and reusable architectures for our Android projects.

Library development: open source your ideas!

Have you ever thought that your idea could help other developers? Join the magic world of open source!
In this talk we are going to share some tips and the secrets to become an open source master. Of course some practical examples based on our experience cannot miss.

Everyone can build a REST service with Kotlin

Building a REST service with SparkJava and Kotlin is super-easy. We will see how a single person can develop an app for Google Assistant powered by DialogFlow and a Kotlin backend.