Andreas Willich

Information & Communications Technology


Vienna, Austria

Andreas Willich

Community Manager SpecFlow

Andreas Willich has been using SpecFlow, the BDD tool for .NET, for more than 10 years and has been the main maintainer of SpecFlow since 2015.
He has used BDD and SpecFlow in both small and large customer projects in the past. Currently, he works on SpecFlow and the .NET BDD tooling ecosystem with his team at Tricentis.

Andreas Willich

Current sessions

5 easy tricks to write better Gherkin scenarios

Gherkin is a very simple language to describe how your application should behave. But that doesn't mean, it is easy to write good readable scenarios.

Andi will show you 5 easy tricks, how you can write better scenarios, that anybody in your team and every of your shareholders can understand!

A Developers Introduction into BDD

BDD - Behavior Driven Development - has its roots in TDD (Test Driven Development) and DDD (Domain Driven Design). Today, most people associate it with automated tests written using the Given-When-Then format and forget the original idea behind BDD - ensuring a shared understanding between all stakeholders in a project. This shared understanding helps you and your team better focus on valuable features and build more efficient solutions with less unexpected side effects.

Andreas will show you how you can easily utilize the benefits of BDD and improve communication between all team members. It's all about concrete examples and focusing on the important details. But as he is a developer, he will also be talking about automating scenarios and some good practices he has picked up over the years.

Duration: ~60 min

Automate your SpecFlow scenarios of your ASP.NET Core app on three different ways

To be sure that your ASP.NET Core application works, the best way is to write automatic tests for it. But did you know that there are three different ways how you can do that?
And of course, every method has its pros and cons and there is not one single one that is the best for all cases.

The good thing is, that with the help of SpecFlow, you can combine two or all three of them together to get the best out of them.
And additionally, you get tests, that are readable and understandable by all stack- and shareholders.

Andreas will show you how to utilize the benefits of multiple tools to be able to reduce rework, increase the shared understanding of your application in your team, and get faster feedback on your implementation status.

SpecFlow is the #1 .NET open-source framework for Behavior Driven Development, Acceptance-Test-Driven Development, and Specification by Example.