Andreas Hähnel

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Regensburg, Bavaria, Germany

Andreas Hähnel

Microsoft Cloud Evangelist, CEO of Black Magic Cloud

I am a former Lotus Notes developer, switched over to PowerShell and Microsoft servers with Exchange 2007. Since 2013 I helped many companies with their transition to Microsoft Cloud services as Senior Consultant, later Cloud Solutions Architect and as PowerShell Automator. Finally, I founded own company in 2021 and since this moment, I follow my goal to make automated cloud services understandable and easy for everyone.
With my deep technical understanding and recognizing dependencies I am one that can discuss nearly every topic about Microsoft cloud (except Dynamics)

Andreas Hähnel

Microsoft Cloud Evangelist, CEO of Black Magic Cloud

Ich habe ursprünglich als Lotus Notes Entwickler begonnen, bin dann aber mit Exchange 2007 in die Microsoft Welt gewechselt. Sowohl administrativ als auch mit PowerShell Scripting. Seit 2013 habe ich viele Unternehmen bei der Einführung von Microsoft Cloudtechnologien unterstützt - zuerst als Senior Consultant, dann als Cloud Solution Architect. Stets aber als PowerShell Automatisierer. Schlußendlich habe ich in 2021 meine eigene Firma mit den Ziel "Microsoft Cloud soll für alle leicht und verständlich sein" gegründet.
Durch mein tiefes technisches Verständnis und die Fähigkeit, Abhängigkeiten zu erkennen und bewerten, kann ich über nahezu jedes Thema der Microsoft Cloud qualifiziert mitdiskutieren (außer Dynamics).

I have a very strong understanding about the whole Microsoft 365 universe (except Dynamics) and technological dependencies. I love to automate and play around with REST-APIs when customers have funny ideas.

Current sessions

Microsoft Viva - ohne Mehrkosten Mehrwerte für mein Unternehmen generieren

Microsoft Viva möchte die Art und Weise, wie wir arbeiten, revolutionieren. Um dies umzusetzen gibt es verschiedene Tools (Connections, Insights, Leaning, Topics) und verschiedene Lizenzmodelle mit oder ohne Add-Ons (Seeded, Premium, Glint).
Ich zeige euch, welche Mehrwerte man ohne Lizenzzukäufe im Unternehmen generieren kann, was dies bedeutet und was das Unternehmen und seine Mitarbeiter dafür tun müssen.

The basic DO's and DONT's to accelerate Teams adoption

>> Adoption is key to success <<
>> A cloud project is not an IT project <<
You've surely heard these phrases a million times during the last years. Why? Because they are true.
But hearing these phrases is not enough. There are many pitfalls that must be avoided. In this session I demonstrate the most common mistakes and give you advise from the field how to make your end users happy with the tools they have. Happy users on the other hand make your tool a success.

The best benefits from this session:
- All examples I give you can easily be transitioned to any other project, because they are universal.
- Everything counts for new and existing tools, it is never too late to start with DO's and DONT's.

From the field - PowerShell, Exchange Online and MS Graph - the 3 musketeers

Want to send an email with Graph? Want to fetch emails from a mailbox? Are you still on BasicAuth (partially) and want to get rid of it but don't know where it is still in use?
Or do you need to develop your own PowerShell-based tool (e.g. a calendar management) with Graph? If any of these cases match, this session is perfect for you.
Developing own business processes doesn't need to be expensive when you know Graph, Azure Automation, Azure Functions and PowerShell. In this session I show you how (with examples from the real world).

From the field - building a secure script with Graph API

Microsoft Graph is the large new modern API to access Microsoft 365 data. Developing with Graph can be fun, but like every API it requires actions to make a script or program secure. This sessions shows common mistakes and gives tipps how to secure your own Graph API PS Script. It will cover topics like permission models, CBA, CA, scoping and more.

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