Andrew Newnham

Andrew Newnham

Software Development Manager for Introspectus

Andrew leads the Introspectus Software Development team, with his primary focus on improving performance from our data pipelines.

Andrew has been working with data for more than 15 years, in that time he has seen data move from small simple systems, to the large complex ones which are typical in modern day organisations.

Andrew has been working with Cassandra for 4 years.
He also has experience working with Kafka, Spark and .net technologies.

Current sessions

Time Zones: It's 5pm somewhere

We’ve all heard the expression, “it’s 5pm somewhere”, but have you ever really thought about what that means when you take a system from small scale, to something national or even global?

In this talk, Andrew from Introspectus discusses the tricks that they have used to deal with time zones, across virtually every country in the world. The patterns, assumptions, and gotcha’s which we discovered whilst making timezoned data and reporting work at scale.