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Aneika Simmons

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Dr. Aneika Simmons is a Professor at Sam Houston State University. Her research interests are primarily related to creative performance, fairness, diversity issues, and individual differences. Dr. Simmons teaches courses about teamwork, leadership, organization behavior, and human resources at Sam Houston State University. She completed her doctorate degree in Organizational Behavior and Human Resources at Texas A&M University. Prior to pursuing her PhD, Dr. Simmons worked for Accenture and Cap Gemini Ernst and Young as an information technology consultant. She also has a Master’s degree in Organizational Communication from the University of Houston. Further, she obtained her undergraduate degree in Management Information Systems at the McCombs Business School of the University of Texas at Austin. After receiving her Master’s degree, Dr. Simmons began to regularly visit academic campuses to give motivational speeches on decision making and goal setting. As a professor, she presents her research at both domestic and international academic conferences.

Current sessions

Managing the Burnout Burndown


In addition to managing backlogs and burndown charts, technology leaders have to follow an ever-changing software landscape, manage team dynamics, and navigate office politics. It’s no surprise that this leads to burnout. This talk will provide tools to help get stress into managed state.


Engineering managers are, almost by definition, highly capable and strongly driven individuals. These traits are indispensable to success in leading software engineering teams, but they are also the very traits that make engineering managers susceptible to burn out. People who can get things done often find themselves overwhelmed by their to-do lists.

This talk will combine the understanding from the trenches of Anjuan Simmons (who has been an engineering manager for more than 20 years) with the academic understanding of his wife, Dr. Aneika Simmons. Together, they will provide a framework for reducing burnout and consistently keeping stress levels in a managed state.


* Burned out Abroad
* Defining Burnout
* Burning Down Barriers (Find a Network)
* Burning Down Distractions (Focus)
* Burning Down Health Inhibitors (Health is Wealth)
* Staying Under the Ideal Line (Consistency > Perfection)