Anna Bacher

Anna Bacher

CTO at cybersecurity company Jaroona GmbH, ethical hacker (19 years)

I'm the charismatic seasoned entrepreneur, CTO, developer and ethical hacker with 19 years of experience in developing, penetrating and selling complex systems for top 100 International banks, telecom and payment processors.

I'm a co-author of the patent in the field of software security.

I work on the Jaroona project, together with one of the finest teams ever assembled in cybersecurity, ethical hacking, machine and deep learning.

We are working on a fully automated ML and Deep Learning based vulnerability detection and remediation solution, that outperforms current Web 2.0 commercial SAST tools in detection efficiency, speed, and scalability. At present, our detection model beats the commercial average by 10X on false negatives and false positives.

Our special focus is not only to find a vulnerability, but also to automatically provide a developer with code fixes.

The solution utilizes latest deep learning architectures, such as RNN, BGRU, Transformer and GPT-2. Supported languages are C/C++, Java, RUST with more in the development pipeline.

Prior Jaroona...

In the 7 last several years at Smart Engine I designed and implemented a proprietary Digital Marketing and Anti- Fraud Platform for payment processors with Artificial Intelligence in his core, incorporating predictive analytics, machine-learning, control systems and feedback, natural language processing and deep learning networks. Due to this development I got a hands on experience in implementing AI and deep learning algorithms and architectures capable of analyzing and classifying large datasets. Among implemented are CNN, DBN, RNN, Random Forest, Statistical Regression, Decision Trees, KNN, Recommender system algorithms and others.

At earlier stages of my career I worked 10 years as security solutions lead and technical architect at IBM and Accenture.

At IBM I developed secure scalable solutions that are capable of processing millions of transactions per second and are based on IBM WebSphere middleware and IBM application security products as well as open source technologies, including Apache Kafka, Apache Cassandra, MongoDB, Handoop, etc. and custom technologies.