Anna Heiermann

Anna Heiermann

Senior Consultant, HMB

Anna Heiermann brings 10 years of experience in leading Test Teams in Higher Education, Nutrition, Insurance, Energy and Aviation industries. Outside of the QA world, Anna enjoys cooking, power lifting, and mini weekend roadtrips. She loves living the country life on a couple of acres with her husband and two crazy dogs, Chloe (Boston Terrier) and Lola (a boxer with a bad case of FOMO).

Current sessions

QA is slowing my project down! Let's talk Risk Based Testing

Have you been impacted by the QA team affecting your timeline? Despite the reason, it's common for QA to find themselves in a situation where the test coverage is larger than the time, resources, or budget they are presented with. I'll talk about how I've faced these challenges as a fellow QA and QA Lead and how applying a Risk Based Approach helped to get the team back on track.

Past and future events

Stir Trek 2018

4 May 2018
Columbus, Ohio, United States

QA or the HighwY

15 Feb - 17 Feb 2018