Anton Staykov

Anton Staykov

Cloud Solutions Architect @Microsoft with personal passion on single-sign-on

Anton Staykov is former Microsoft MVP for the Azure platform (2011-2015) and currently works as Cloud Solutions Architect at Microsoft in Germany. He is a firm believer that in 21st century no single internet user shall ever need to create new username and password to get access to a service. New business shall respect users' online presense and let them use their existing online identities. 

Anton explores the Microsoft Azure platform ever since its first public preview back in late 2008. With almost two decades of developing and architecture experience on small and large scales he  helps smaller and larger enterprises leverage the Microsoft Azure platform the best way possible. 

Current sessions

Who am I? The ambiguitiy of online myself.

Today we live in an online multiverse. Everyone of us has multiple copies of their own represented by multiple online identities. Is the same as What did we do wrong, and can we fix it? It does not really matter any more who was responsiple - the ping or the chicken. The only thing that matters is - will we continue to clone ourselves in a mathematical progression or this process will stop.

In this session we will take a look at a technology that helps limiting our online ambiguitiy. And that has been there for a while, but more or less underestimated or not well understood. Technology used by Azure Active Directory B2C to help developers and end users limit the process of online multiverse expansion. Whether you are an application developer or architect, or just an online user with dozen of identities, come and see how can you make your online life easier with Azure Active Directory B2C!

The bits and pieces of Azure AD B2C

So you are an application developer and do not want to take the burden of password salting, hashing, resetting and all those voodo tricks. And you wish you could implement a login similar to that of the conference site with ease.

This session is right for you! Using Azure AD B2C you can integrate social sign-in or local user sign-up and let Microsoft do the heavy lifting for you! Focus on what you do the best - your business logic.

A protocol conform software-as-a-service - Azure AD B2C will take care of all identity and access management flows you may need in your application. 

Start for free and test the service before you write a single line of code!