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Split, Split-Dalmatia, Croatia

Antonio Peric-Mazar

CEO @ Locastic

Antonio Perić-Mažar is CEO at Locastic digital agency, based in beautiful Croatian city called Split. Their main focus is to build complex mobile and web platforms for different clients that range from startups to enterprise companies from all over the globe.

He is a proud backend developer that moved into a managerial role after founding Locastic in 2011, since, in a very short period of time the team has grown and they became very popular in the development world.

He is quite a proactive guy - as he is one of the founders of the largest regional Blockchain Conference, he is hosting a free monthly Meetup event in Split, also recently he fell in love with Esports as he owns the best Croatian Counter-Strike team.

During the last few years Antonio also focused on sharing his business and development knowledge with Startups and other Entrepreneurs and he spoke on many conferences including:
2011 - Why Symfony2 framework is good choice? [Web Strategija, Zagreb, Croatia]
2012- Why Symfony2? [ZgPHP, Zagreb, Croatia)
2013 - Symfony workshop [ZgPHP, Zagreb, Croatia)
2013 - Sylius - a new way of developing ecommerce solutions [PHP Conference Croatia, Zagreb, Croatia]
2013 - Symfony workshop [eZSummer Camp, Island Brac, Croatia]
2014 - Building Single page application with Symfony2 And AngularJS [PHPDay Verona, Verona, Italy]
2014 - Sylius Introduction [PHPDay Verona, unconference track, Verona, Italy]
2014 - Sylius as Ecommerce solution [WebCampLjubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia]
2014 - Started Symfony User Group Croatia
2014 - Building Restful API with Symfony2 [WebSummerCamp, Rovinj, Croatia]
2014 - Building Single page application with Symfony2 and AngularJS [ZgPhp, Zagreb, Croatia]
2014 - Mentoring Startups at Shift Conference [Shift Conference, Split, Croatia]
2015 - Croatia entrepreneurship conference 3P - how to build a successful company [3P conference, Split, Croatia]
2015 - Mentoring Startups at Shift Conference [Shift Conference, Split, Croatia]
2015 - Using Sylius as an eCommerce solution with eZ [WebSummerCamp, Rovinj, Croatia]
2015 - A recipe for effective leadership [Better Software Italy, Florence, Italy]
2015 - Building Real Time applications with PHP - [Symfony Camp, Kiev, Ukraine]
2016 - Croatia entrepreneurship conference 3P - why quality services are the most important thing [3P conference, Split, Croatia]
2016 - How we build and lead our company? [Summer Jam Croatia, Pakostane, Croatia]
2016 - Using Sylius in production [Symfony Croatia Meetup, Zagreb, Croatia]
2016 - Maintainable + Extensible = Clean ... yes, Code! [Symfony Camp, Kiev, Ukraine]
2017 - Co-Founded Tinel Meetup [Split, Croatia]
2017 - Drupal8 for Symfony Developers [PHPUK, London, United Kingdom]
2017 - Progressive web applications are here! [Dump Days, Split, Croatia]
2017 - Panel discussion: Developers - most wanted profession in the world [Dump Days, Split, Croatia]
2017 - Drupal8 for Symfony Developers [PHPDay Verona, Verona, Italy]
2017 - Symfony more in depth with events and services (workshop) [DEVit, Thessaloniki, Greece)
2017 - Lessons learned while developing with Sylius [Symfony Croatia Meetup, Zagreb, Croatia]
2017 - Drupal8 for Symfony developers workshop [DutchPHP, Amsterdam, Netherland]
2017 - Drupal8 for Symfony developers [DutchPHP, Amsterdam, Netherland]
2017 - Building APIs in an easy way using API Platform (workshop) [WebSummerCamp, Rovinj, Croatia]
2018 - Go Mobile, or Go Home (TNT Split, Split, Croatia)
2018 - Real REST is easy with Api Platform (workshop) [PHPDay Verona, Verona, Italy]
2018 - Symfony 4: the new way of developing web application [CodeID, Odessa, Ukraine]
2018 - Panel discussion, state of Industry [Digital Labin, Labin, Croatia]
2018 - Real REST is easy with Api Platform (workshop) [WebCampZg, Zagreb, Croatia]
2018 - Progressive web apps are here! [Symfony Camp, Kiev, Ukraine]
2018 - Service workers are your best friends! [GrowIT, Novi Sad, Serbia]
2019 - A year with PWA [DevConMU, Mauritius]
2019 - REST easy with API platform [DevConMU, Mauritius]
2019 - The UI is the Application [Weblica 2019, Čakovec, Croatia]
2019 - A year with progressive web applications [Weblica 2019, Čakovec, Croatia]
2019 - Symfony 4: A new way to develop applications [PHPSerbia 2019, Belgrade, Serbia]
2019 - Panel discussion: How to start working with international clients from Split [ShiftDev 2019, Split, Croatia]
2019 - Symfony 4: A new way to develop applications [International PHP Conference 2019, Berlin, Germany]
2019 - A year with progressive web applications [Webinale 2019, Berlin, Germany]
2019 - The UI is the Application [DutchPHP 2019, Amsterdam, Netherland]
2019 - The UI is the Application [Tinel Meetup, Split, Croatia]
2019 - REST easy with API platform [PHPERS SUMMIT 2019, Poznan, Poland]
2019 - Symfony 4: A new way to develop applications [PHPERS SUMMIT 2019, Poznan, Poland]
2019 - Is SCRUM good for agencies? [Kulendayz 2019, Osijek, Croatia]
2019 - Web Payment API a new way of paying online [Kulendayz 2019, Osijek, Croatia]
2019 - Are you failing at being agile? [Digtal Labin, Labin, Croatia]
2019 - Using API platform to build a ticketing system (translations, time zones, ...) [Symfony Day, Verona, Italy]
2019 - Web Payment API a new way of paying online [IPC 2019, Munich, Germany]
2019 - REST easy with API platform [Phpcon 2019, Szczyrk, Poland]
2019 - Using API Platform to build a ticketing system [SymfonyCon, Amsterdam, Netherland]

Antonio is a proud backend developer that moved into a managerial role after founding Locastic digital agency in 2011. He is a proactive guy that enjoys hosting and attending meetup events, he also thinks that Blockchain development and Esports are the next big thing.

Current sessions

You call yourself a Senior Developer?

Once upon a time, Senior developer was the real role-model, a person that everyone looked up to, a developer that you seek for advice and wisdom. Nowadays, seniority is a synonym for large salaries and big egos.

Let’s have a trip down the memory lane and drift away from the money-driven mindset. Instead of that, let’s inspire you to be better developers who are fulfilled by knowledge, success, and accomplishments.

The UI is the THE application

Do you know how many designers and developers still think that UX is a myth? You would be amazed! But, let’s not dwell, we can change their mind instead.
We live in a digital world where everyone can offer a certain type of service, but there’s that small gap that shows the disparity between good and bad delivery. Your app is a collection of tiny details, and if your main goal is to have satisfied users - you’ll be interested to hear why UI/UX is the foundation of your application success.

Stop calling PWA new and trendy!

Progressive Web Apps are not a cool trend anymore as they are heading into the direction of completely replacing traditional mobile apps.

Call me a madman, but over the course of my PWA research and development, I learned that they will become a real contender in the mobile world, especially if you take into consideration that they can enhance app performance and your users’ experience.

Service workers are your best friends

The main API for PWA creation is Service Workers, they are the heart of this "new web". With Service workers, we can send push notifications to the user or do background sync and show data even when the user is offline. This not science fiction, but a script that is quite easy to use. In this talk, we will see overview what are service workers and when and how to use them properly.

Delicious recipe for solid teamwork

Almost every company leader will tell you that it’s hard to keep track of the dynamic rules that surround the digital world. With so many variables affecting your workflow, you need to focus on things that you can actually have an influence on - your employees.

We all want to have an amazing team, right? But everyone has a different vision of what an amazing team actually is. Would you hire a more skilled developer or a developer that’s easier to implement within your company culture? Is it really worth risking your company exists only to secure a few expensive billable hours?

Don’t let the business destroy your private life, integrate them!

Running your own business requires special dedication and a big learning curve during the process because at first, you have the be the one responsible for covering many fields, such as sales, marketing, and development.

A schedule like that can take a big toll on your private life - so in this talk, we will cover a few aspects that will help you balance your busy schedule and show you how to integrate your business with your private life. It can be quite challenging, but there’s a workaround.

NEVER underestimate the boarding process

Boarding a new team member is easy, especially since you sort out the procedures and you will get better with time because it’s basically the same with everyone. False! That’s what every bad executive would say!

Approaching new team members is one of the most important categories in the recruitment period, you need to learn how to show compassion and understanding and help them adapt to the new environment. It’s never easy to fit into a new company, and you have to be the person who will show interest in your new employee.

Five things to get proper feedback from user

User feedback is one of the most important things when it comes to app maintenance. You can have the world’s best development team, but you need to take into consideration that every user comes from a different background, so it’s crucial to get multiple fresh perspectives on your product so you can polish it properly.

Let’s take a look at a few clear guidelines that you can actually use to build amazing (better) software.

Is SCRUM good for agencies

In these past few years, agile methods became a vital part in the software development process, but are they really applicable for every type of project? Most companies implemented agility when they engaged their growth, but most of them use some kind of modified SCRUM methodology, but in theory - that’s not SCRUM anymore.

During the last year, our company changed the way we approach our projects using SCRUM. In this talk, I will show you have we adopted and adopted a new way of using this method, focusing mostly on problems we had and how did we resolve them.

REST easy with API Platform

The web has changed! Users spend more time on mobile than on desktops and they expect to have an amazing user experience on both platforms. APIs are the heart of the new web as the central point of access data, encapsulating logic and providing the same data and same features for desktops and mobiles.

In this talk, I will show you how in only 45 minutes we can create full REST API, with documentation and admin application build with React.

REST easy with Api Platform (workshop)

We'll start by creating a fully-featured API in just a few minutes with API Platform, Symfony and Doctrine. The API will support pagination, data validation, access control, relation embedding, filters, and error handling. It will expose many formats (JSON-LD, Hydra, JSONAPI, HAL, JSON, XML, YAML, and CSV), will be documented with Swagger/OpenAPI and will have a nice UI done in React. Last but not least, the API will respond in a just few milliseconds thanks to its built-in invalidation-based cache mechanism.

Then, we will use the ReactJS tools provided by the API Platform to consume the exposed Hydra documentation. In a few more minutes, we will get a Material Design administration interface (a la Sonata / EasyAdmin - but 100% client-side) built with React. Finally, we'll discover 2 nice code generators to bootstrap a SPA (React, Redux and React Router) and iOS and Android mobile apps (React Native).

Certification doesn’t make a good developer.

The inspiration for this talk was sparkled over a simple dinner. One of the guests asked whether the quality of developers is in any correlation with education and certification. There’s no point addressing that everyone had a different view regarding the topic.

In this talk, I will try to address all those standpoints and I’m hoping for a productive Q&A session where you can share your insights on the matter. Do you think that the certification is proof that you are a good developer, or there’s more to talk on the matter?

Where the f..k we are?

I was lucky enough to be a part of the generation that followed the internet growth from day one. In this keynote talk about the digital world, I will dissect this interesting journey that changed humanity forever.

The market has changed, our surrounding is different, we are having an enormous tech advancement, but it changed us. Why did we stop being human in the meantime?

Using API platform to build ticketing system (translations, time zones, ...)

Why is API platform a way to go and the new standard in developing apps? In this talk, I want to show you some real examples that we built using API platform including a ticketing system for the world’s biggest bicycle marathon and a social network that is a mixture of both Tinder and Facebook Messenger.

We had to tackle problems regarding the implementation of tax laws in 18 different countries, dozens of translations (including Arabic), multiple role systems, different timezones, overall struggle with a complicated logic with an infinite number of branches, and more. Are you interested? Sign up for the talk.

Web Payment API a new way of paying online

Purchasing experience on the mobile web is broken! Every time you want to do payment on a mobile device you get stuck with the payment form, tapping n clicks and filling endless forms.

Imagine if you can make only one click and that ’s it - your payment is done. Yes, that is possible and you need only a few lines of code. In this talk, I will give you an introduction to new Web Payment API works and how you can improve your users’ experience with it.

A year with progressive web apps

About a year ago we started using Progressive web apps. The idea behind PWA is to replace native mobile apps. In this talk, I will show you what is possible to build with PWA, what is the limitation and what we learn. And of course, you will see where PWA can be a good fit for your projects.

Progressive Web Apps use modern web capabilities to deliver an app-like user experience. They evolve from pages in browser tabs to immersive, top-level apps, maintaining the web's low friction at every moment.

They are reliable, fast, engaging and delivering amazing UX to end users. And they are here!

How to handle clients and deadlines with better QA?

Usually, teams are ignoring the importance of QA and using it at the end of the project. In this talk, I want to show you how you should QA your projects from the beginning and how that will save you a lot of time, nerves and money. Also, I will show you why QA is must have for every team and in the end, it will make you happy and your client also.

Are you failing at being agile?

In these past few years, agile methods became a vital part in the software development process, but are they really applicable for all types of projects and team sizes?

A while ago, our company changed the way we approach project development because the team noticed that standard SCRUM-ish methods aren't fully compatible for us, so we developed our own, modified version of agile. In this talk, I will showcase how powerful this approach is and how you can use it to find problems, and eventually resolve them.

When you get lost in API testing

If you are not writing tests yet, you should start. Tests will improve the quality of your code, reduce bugs and probably force you to think more about design and quality. Actually, the hardest thing is to start and figure out which type of tests to write.

So you start researching and you find a lot of different materials and get even more confused.Even when you decide what type of tests to use, it can be hard to decide how to test some specific logic in your app.

Don’t give up! We have some tips we learned along the way that will hopefully make your life easier. In this talk you will hear about different test types and when to use them. We’ll also show some tools for checking quality of your test

Past and future events

Swetugg 2020

2 Feb 2020 - 3 Feb 2020
Stockholm, Sweden

KulenDayz 2019

5 Sep 2019 - 7 Sep 2019
Osijek, Osječko-Baranjska, Croatia

Weblica 2019

10 May 2019
Čakovec, Međimurska, Croatia

Developers Conference 2019 - Mauritius

10 Apr 2019 - 12 Apr 2019
Moka, Mauritius

Advanced Technology Days 13

4 Dec 2017 - 5 Dec 2017
Zagreb, City of Zagreb, Croatia