Arne Bergersen

Arne Bergersen

Manager Architects

After more than twenty-eight years in the IT industry I have seen it come, and seen it gone. New technology rising up and beyond, great technology that are not embraced by the consumers and therefore damned to the borders of the utter darkness. I have worked long days and hard nights "making the stuff work", before marching on to other tasks.

The last twenty years I have spent working with the people in the IT industry instead of the technology. I have tried to make people happy while they perform their tasks and deliver quality solutions to our customers.

I have been fortunate to work with some of the best and brightest in the Norwegian IT scene during these years, and I am still surrounded by competent and motivated people. Should I be lucky enough to continue to have great colleagues and managers around me, I'll stay happy and grow old smiling.

Specialties: People management, technology overview (blog) (company)