Arunava Chakraborty

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Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Arunava Chakraborty

Machine Learning | Python

Hi, I am Arunava,
a student who is highly interested in AI and just loves to build AI products that can be used for the betterment of humanity (and in general). I currently am catching up with the fast-moving field of AI. Saying, I am interested in Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Computer Vision and NLP.
My latest personal project that uses AI (learning algorithms), is iSeeDigits, which uses a model trained from scratch and uses that to predict handwritten digits on the web.

I am also interested in building Web Applications and Andriod Applications and am highly skilled at Web Development and moderately skilled in Android Development. I have built quite a handful of applications that shows my Web Development and Android Development Skills. To name a few, one of my latest WebApp is Blemger, which allows one to blends two images, my last Android App has been developed a while ago, its called, Learn A Word, which was built as a part of Oxford API competition 2017.

If you are interested more in the projects I have been working on or has worked on, be sure to check the projects section of my personal site (under development)

Coming on to programming challenges, I just love competitive programming, so you can find me on all Competitive Programming sites, namely, CodeForces, CodeChef, UVa and so on.
To track all my submissions, feel free to check out my StopStalk profile.