Ashley Dzick

Ashley Dzick

UX Architect and User Advocate from the Midwest

Ashley Dzick is a seasoned UX professional and adjunct professor. She’s passionate about crafting inclusive experiences that draw on her background knowledge of cognitive psychology and design. Ashley aims to develop UX skills in everyone, not just those with the official title.

Outside of work, she likes to explore the vibrant Milwaukee bar and restaurant scene and has recently gotten into rollerblading (to burn off all the calories from the bar and restaurant scene).

Current sessions

Modern Data Visualization

Big Data, IoT and now Machine Learning give us more data than ever before. We can find significant trends, influence the direction of a company, predict customer behaviors or even just guess if a photo is a cat or a dog. But what do you do with all of this data? We’ll walk through a few examples of both really good and really bad data visualizations, examine some data visualization practices that are still relevant today and discuss how animation, inclusive design, and UX are shaping modern datavis.

Participants will leave with:
* Knowledge of how data visualization is changing with technology
* Best practices for visualizing their Big Data, IoT or ML dataset
* Practical examples they can follow when building their data visualization

Solving What to Solve: UX and Machine Learning

Machine Learning is fantastic at solving unique problems in new and exciting ways -- it's an excellent opportunity to discover valuable insights into your data patterns and relationships. But what if you don't know what problems to solve? Or what if you answer a problem that doesn't really exist? UX can help align your machine learning efforts with your users, creating human-centered machine learning with results that are actionable and relevant to your user base.

Past and future events

Brew City UX

Talking UX: Lessons from Class and Clients

“That’s what we saw in user testing”, “it’s just a well known design practice”, “that’s what it’s like for UX people in the real world”.

Sound familiar? Instead of relying on adages, learn how to communicate more effectively with clients, stakeholders and even students. Ashley and Amii will leverage their time as UX leads, as well as adjunct teaching, to provide some tips and tidbits from their own experiences. Expect a fairly informal presentation with a Q&A session to follow.
10 Jan 2018

That Conference 2017


Every camper should be able to access your sweet summer camp mobile app, whether they have a broken arm, no arms, or are just carrying around a lot of stuff. Inclusive design accounts for all of these; it’s a method of thinking that works to provide a more meaningful experience to your entire audience, no matter whom or where they are. We’ll talk about how to identify environmental and situational factors that could influence how your application is used, “traditional” measurements and obstacles in accessibility, and how developers can make small changes to provide a broader and richer experience for their entire group of campers.
7 Aug 2017 - 9 Aug 2017

SafeNet Speaker Series

Designing Experiences that Drive Consumer Engagement and the ROI of UX
31 Mar 2017


How Developers & UX can work together better

Ashley leads UX at Okanjo, a local startup focusing on eCommerce for media. Prior to Okanjo, she worked at Direct Supply as a developer and then as a UX Designer.

In her talk, she’ll give practical advice about how to build understanding between the development and UX teams. Several developers will accompany her to answer questions from their point of view after the presentation.
16 Feb 2015