Ashley Rogers

Information & Communications Technology

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Hartford, Connecticut, United States

Ashley Rogers

Business Productivity Applications Lead at Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Ashley works closely with stakeholders to develop solutions that solve real business needs. Ashley has been developing and consulting in SharePoint for 9 years, and in 2018 began focusing on the products that would become the Power Platform. She works as the Business Productivity Applications Lead at Takeda Pharmaceuticals.

Current sessions

Modernizing Workflows: Moving from SharePoint Designer to Power Automate

Making the transition from SharePoint Designer to Power Automate is a daunting but necessary task. Join Ashley in this session to learn how to get started. Attendees will learn how to audit existing workflows, translate SPD steps into Power Automate actions, and will receive helpful tips and tricks to make the modernization process less painful!

The SharePoint Toolbelt: Top 5 Tools for Newbie Admins & Developers

Do you find yourself suddenly in charge of SharePoint and don't know where to start? No need to fear! Here are the top tools used by both admins and developers everywhere to get the most out of SharePoint. Ashley will review what they are, how to get set up, and how these help with real world scenarios that you will experience again and again.

Making Teams Shine with Power Automate

Make the most out of your Teams implementation with a little help from Power Automate! Come learn about automating messages, posting emails, working with channels, and much more. Attendees will leave with ideas they themselves can implement using Teams and Power Automate without any developer experience.

Speaking SharePoint's Language: HTTP to SharePoint in Power Automate

You've used SharePoint actions in a flow and you're ready to take things to the next level. Join Ashley to learn about using the HTTP to SharePoint action in Power Automate for so much more than just getting items. This is a great way to get your feet wet with APIs using a data source you already know and love!

Makers & Devs: Different Paths to the Same Solution

Ready to take your Power Automate skills to the next level? Get strategic insight from both a Maker and a Developer on creating efficient and maintainable flows. Appropriate for all levels of experience, Ed & Ashley will discuss different approaches in Power Automate and how to leverage the best of both worlds. Developers will gain more understanding of how to frame flows for their maker audience, and Makers will learn some low-code developer methods to up their Power Automate game.
Come for the lively discussions; stay for the real-world solutions!

Branding in Modern SharePoint: Can I Still Do That?

What's the deal with Modern SharePoint branding? Making SharePoint look less like SharePoint is a common request, especially if you are familiar with Classic and on-premise. Ashley will review how the branding story has changed with Modern, and she will introduce the tools and functionality you need to know to still make SharePoint your own.

Advanced Power Automate Strategies: SharePoint Document Sets

Need to work with Document Sets in Power Automate, but not sure where to start? In this session, Ashley will demonstrate strategies for creating and managing SharePoint Document Sets using flows. She will review common business scenarios that use Document Sets, and attendees will leave with the knowledge necessary to create an end to end solution for request based document management.

Advanced Power Automate Strategies: Expressions and Filters

Ready to take your Power Automate skills to the next level? Get insight from both a non-developer and a senior developer on how to use expressions and filters to get the most out of your flows. Make them efficient and production ready while staying true to the low-code approach.

How do I HTTP? Getting started with the HTTP Connector in Power Automate

Power Automate is amazing, but sometimes what we want to do requires a little extra help. This session will cover everything you need to get started working with the HTTP connectors and actions in Power Automate, no developer experience necessary!

Taming the Wild West: Governance in the Power Platform

Makers making things feel out of control in your tenant? Come learn the steps necessary to implement governance around the Power Platform. Topics will include DLP Policies, the purpose of the Default environment, and modeling a typical development life cycle.

Azure and Power Automate: a Perfect Match

Tired of repeating the same tasks in PowerShell or in your tenant UI over and over? Do you find yourself wanting to automate more of your own processes?

Tailored to Admins and Developers who need a little extra power and a little more automation, this session covers the steps necessary to set up an Azure Automation account to use with flows. Attendees will learn how to get started running PowerShell from Power Automate, and will leave with helpful real-world examples.

Let's Build! Create and Manage Request Processes in Office365

The need for request and approval processes is common across many departments and lines of business. In this end to end solution session, Ashley will walk through creating a request using Microsoft Forms, approvals in Power Automate, and automatically generating Document Sets in SharePoint to manage all types of documents and projects.

Past and future events

The North American Collaboration Summit 2021

9 Aug - 11 Aug 2021
Branson, Missouri, United States

PowerDive365 - Microsoft 365 Power User & Citizen Developer Conference 2021

6 Jun - 8 Jun 2021
Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States

A Taste of M365 Chicago!

4 Jun 2021

Microsoft 365 Virtual Marathon

27 May - 28 May 2020

Power Platform Online Conference 2020

20 Mar 2020

Office 365 Saturday San Diego 2020

25 Jan 2020

SPS Virginia Beach

I presented the session "Power Up your flows with Azure Automation" and participated in the "Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me! SPS Edition" panel.
11 Jan 2020
Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States

SPS Cincinnati 2019

Presented at SPS Cincinnati on working with Document Sets using Microsoft Flow & REST
12 Oct 2019
Cincinnati, Ohio, United States

O365 User Group Hartford CT

Presented to the Hartford O365 user group about getting started with communication sites.
25 Jul 2018
Hartford, Connecticut, United States

SPS NYC 2014

Co-presented with Scot Hillier at SPS NYC 2014: Build your own REST service using WebAPI 2
26 Jul 2014
New York City, New York, United States

SPS NYC 2013

Lightning talk about Search and KQL in SharePoint 2013 for SPS NYC
27 Jul 2013
New York City, New York, United States