Asif Waquar

Asif Waquar

Cloud Solution Architect at Munich Re



Asif, is a Solution Architect at Munich Re, Singapore. He drives the development of innovative app solutions by leveraging cutting-edge technologies and cloud-native applications. With over 11 years of diverse experience as a software engineer, architect, and product owner, he has successfully navigated roles in both product-based companies and financial institutions.

As a Microsoft MVP for the past 3 years in Microsoft Azure, Asif is not just a certified solution architect but also a passionate developer, blogger, speaker, technical evangelist, and co-organizer of the Microsoft Azure Singapore user group and Data Platform User Group.


Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Azure Blockchain
  • Enterprise Blockchain

Automate app deployment with Terraform & Azure DevOps

In this session , We will discuss how to deploy apps and infrastructure with Iac tools such as Terraform and Azure Pipelines .
What are the benefits of Iac tools such as terraform ? Current challenges in app/infrastructure deployment and how to solve those challenges ?

What are some core challenges?

1- Managing your cloud infrastructure : Creating your cloud resources using the cloud provider Portal will not help you with repeatability. What you need is an automated way of creating your resources. Infrastructure as Code or IaC as it is popularly termed, provides you a mechanism to automate your resource creation by writing code. This ensure you can source control your infrastructure changes like the way you do with your application code.

2- Speed and Consistency : IaC is to make things faster by eliminating manual processes and eliminating the slack in the process. A code-based approach makes it easier to get more done in less time .Consistency is another benefit of IaC. We do not need to worry about tasks not being completed and it's not consistent .

3- Monitoring and Scaling : When you provision any resources you might need additional tools to track who is provisioning what, where, how often and what is the cost of that. You might find it challenging to track the usage/capacity . We can achieve better monitoring and scaling capability with Iac.

What problems does your sessions solves?
In this session, we will take a look at how to solve the above given challenges using Terraform and Azure pipelines .

Who is the target attendee?
IT Developers/Consultants

Why would that person want to attendee your session?
- To start your journey with Iac and build automated pipelines

What can the attendee walk away with?
- How to perform infrastructure management activities with Terraform
- How to build automated pipelines using Azure DevOps
- How to deploy, scale and monitor application with Terraform, Azure DevOps and Kubernetes

Build Event Driven Serverless Apps with Cosmos DB and Azure Functions

In this session , we will explore how we can create and deploy event-driven serverless apps with low-latency access to rich data for a global user base. We will also explore some best practices to use cosmos db for building cloud native applications.

Who is the target attendee?
IT Developers/Consultants

Why would that person want to attendee your session?
- To start your journey building scalable API driven cloud native apps.

What can the attendee walk away with?
- How to build and deploy event driven serverless apps with Azure Functions.
- How cosmos db can be helpful to maintain consistency and availability of data geographically in different regions.

Develop, Deploy & Manage Data with Azure Blockchain

In this session, We will discuss about blockchain fundamentals, different available frameworks for blockchain development, tools and walk through how to configure and deploy blockchain infrastructure on Microsoft Azure Blockchain. We will also explore how we can build blockchain prototype and manage ledger data with off chain db storage.

Integrate your apps with Azure Blockchain using Power Apps & Microsoft Flow

In this session, learn how we can integrate your existing apps (.NET/Java/Sap or Office 365 ) with Azure Blockchain .Discover how you can easily leverage Azure Blockchain Service to deploy and manage blockchain networks, how the Azure Blockchain Connectors for Power Apps and Microsoft Flow provide the ability to read, write, and react to events from smart contracts on those networks.

Blockchain Application prototype using Azure Workbench and display reports using Power BI

In this session ,we are going to cover how we can can create Ethereum blockchain application prototype using Azure Workbench and can perform end to end transactions with different party in consortium. Then we can display all transactions data in Power BI reporting tool.

Blockchain architecture & use cases -part-2

In this session we have discussed some real world use cases on blockchain , different block-chain network and demo to setup hyper-ledger fabric network on Azure VM and installing chain code on peers.


Blockchin Architecture on Azure-Part-3

In this session ,we had discussed how we can do development with Hyper ledger Composer and do deployment on Fabric on Azure.


Building Blockchain Application with Corda

In this session we covered ,Corda overview ,architecture and use-cases .We have discussed how States,transaction are maintained in Corda and Corda nodes can be deployed on network in consortium.


Globally Distributed Modern Apps using Azure Cosmos DB and Azure Functions

In this session we discussed ,how we can develop modern applications using Cosmos DB & Azure Functions. Cosmos DB’s capabilities and Azure Function’s ability to trigger logic in real time without the need to manage any servers.


Simplifying Development Blockchain as Service using Microsoft Azure

In this session, Asif will cover core concepts of Blockchain and walk through the anatomy of an enterprise Blockchain application. This session will include how to create, configure and querying Blockchain enable smart contract using Azure Blockchain as Service and new Azure capabilities to support Blockchain application.

Scalable Apps with Azure Cosmos DB

In this session, we will provide an overview of Azure Cosmos DB multi-master capabilities – which enable improved high availability ,write performance and we will discuss how to improve data access latency, achieve high data availability, ensure guaranteed disaster recovery to meet their business requirements.

Integrate Apps using Azure Workbench and Azure Blockchain as Service

In this session we show how to use the Azure Blockchain Workbench to integrate with existing applications and scale your blockchain apps with azure blockchain as service.

Build Blockchain Prototype Using Azure Workbench (Singapore Virtual Data Camp 2020 -Live Webinars)

In this session we show how to use the Azure Blockchain Workbench to create blockchain application prototype and scale your blockchain apps with azure blockchain as service.

Singapore Virtual Data Camp 2020 (Live Webinars) -Organiser

For the past years the Singapore Data Platform community has been holding a whole day event of Data Platform learning. This is a free community event for professionals delivered by community leaders and experts offering the content across data platform, analytics,business intelligence, AI, and more.

Global Azure Bootcamp 2020 (Virtual) - Singapore (Volunteer))

Global Azure Virtual 2020 is an online event where Azure presenters all over the world, in any language they choose, go live online to present about Azure! Anyone will be able to join in and listen and learn!

Manage data to the ledger using Azure Blockchain as Service ( Philippine Data Day 2020)

Block chain is very fast growing technology. It is going to transform industry , lot of R&D and initiatives going on in this area. In this session, We are going to cover patterns and server-less tools for sending data to the ledger network with Azure Blockchain and understand data flow in Blockchain Consortium Network.

Blockchain Introduction and Architecture on Azure

Demonstrates Blockchain Application Use case and Architecture in Enterprise Application. We also cover-up Permission Block chain Hyper-ledger Fabric Architecture and Setup Consortium Network on Microsoft Azure .


Modeling data and best practices for the Azure Cosmos DB

Azure Cosmos DB is Microsoft's globally distributed, multi-model database service. In this session we are going to cover ,modeling of data using NOSQL cosmos database and how it's helpful for distributed application to maintain high availability ,scaling in multiple region and throughput.


Asif Waquar

Cloud Solution Architect at Munich Re



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