Aurelijus Banelis

Information & Communications Technology

aws GraphQL golang

Vilnius, Lithuania

Aurelijus Banelis

Senior Software Engineer (NFQ, Home24)

Technology enthusiast, mostly coding with Go, or leading my own team.

Learning new technologies on demand (E.g. Augmented reality for Christmas party costume, Scala/Rust for infinity zooming implementation, Computer vision for WebCam based games, SonicPi for Talent night of non-tech friends).

Commonly seen not only attending, but also as a speaker in various local technology meetups (E.g. VilniusPHP, KaunasPHP, ŠiauliaiPHP, VilniusScala, VilniusGo, OpenCamp, Hack&Tell, NFQ talks) or conferences (NoTrollsAllowed, InfoShow, AgileTour, PyCon, Write the docs, BuildStuff, Fosdem).

Also, sharing knowledge via technical blog posts or interactive teaching materials.

Current sessions

GraphQL: the cognitive aspect of rebuilding web systems

There might be many fights between developers, what is a future best tool or the next best platform. But if answered honestly, it usually boils down to: “it is too complex to reason about, so let’s start from scratch (greenfield) and assume it will be easier.“

Let me tell you a story about rewriting software via the feeling of many small greenfield projects, concentrating on GraphQL as one of the enabling tools. It was not instant, it was not always right, but importantly it kept business running, innovating, and making calculated decisions in the changing market.

Talk will include:
 * Introduction:
     * Modern ways of rebuilding software
     * GraphQL as a fancy proxy
* Code examples:
     * Extend via new field for partner integration
     * Extending via arguments for different data provider
     * Deprecating old methods with annotations
* Surrounding tools and ideas
     * Greenfield projects upstream and downstream
     * Complexity, observability and reproducibility
     * Do we really need GraphQL for rebuilding software rapidly?

Talk is based on 7+ years of real product evolution.