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Austin Willis

Data Scientist @OneStoneEcomm

Austin is a Data Scientist at OneStone, working on novel methodologies to map, measure and manage e-commerce data. Formerly Data Scientist at VMLY&R, consulting on client pitches and estimations for new data science work. He has also held positions as software engineer and developer, always with a passion for science and mathematics.

Current sessions

Be a Scientist: Integrate Data Science into your Skillset

Data science skills are vague and not well understood. If you look at postings on any job platform, the range of skills/duties listed under Data Science are innumerable. It seems as if no one really knows what a Data Scientist does. You might even think the title is bogus, and you may be right.

Still, most technology organizations employ them. From classic books like 'The Goal' to new bestsellers like 'Linchpin', scientists are mentioned as integral to successful business. Learn what they do and how to amplify your existing skillset with their tools.

Past and future events

NWA Tech Fest

18 Apr 2019