Avinash Desireddy

Avinash Desireddy

Sr. Solutions Architect @Mirantis Inc

Austin, Texas, United States

Avinash Desireddy is a Sr. Solutions Architect at Mirantis Inc. His area of interests include container orchestration and micro services. I'm learning Go these days and really enjoying it. Previously, Avinash was was at Docker in a similar role and at Cloudera he led the discovery and implementations of Big Data and Machine learning application infrastructure.

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Kubernetes
  • Docker

Kubernetes Security Workshop

Are you worried about granting too much access to resources on your Kubernetes cluster? With the extensible framework of Kubernetes, there is scarcely a day without a new tool popping up. In order to ensure the tools, users, and applications have appropriate security policies, a streamlined onboarding process is required.

The onboarding process not only streamlines how securely we can grant access but also enables self-service capabilities improving the user experience.

In this workshop, audiences will get a good understanding of common pitfalls and how to avoid them by leveraging the Role-Based architecture approach, pod security policies, admission controllers, policy enforcement through OPA, etc.

Intro to Lens and Lens Extensions

Performing Kubernetes cluster operations, creating and managing application objects from CLI, and generally using kubectl is complex and requires a steep learning curve. LENS is a popular Kubernetes IDE that minimizes the complexity for users without compromising the freedom from the users who love to use CLI.

In this talk, I’ll introduce Lens & Lens Extensions with a short demo and share my experience on how they changed the way I interact with Kubernetes clusters.

Choosing The Right Toolset that works for you

Are you stumbling through containers & containerized images and confused with the choice of tools? Are you looking to build images locally or through a CI system? How about running it locally or in the Cloud?

Developers love the flexibility of running it locally; DevOps engineers love to take the application through CICD System, Platform Engineering works to ensure everything runs & secure. As a Solutions Architect, we work with Developers, DevOps engineers, Platform Engineers, etc., continuously researching and recommending tools based on the user persona.

In this talk, Anoop and I will provide the audience with in-depth knowledge of different tools, key differences, and, most importantly, how to choose them.

Image Security - What is it? And how to remediate?

Keeping containers free from vulnerabilities such as hard-coded info, secrets or tokens, unnecessary logging, Log4j vulnerability, etc. is crucial. In this session, we will explore strategies for mitigating these vulnerabilities grounded in real-world security hardening situations.
Attendees will learn about essential principles of container image security and tools and techniques that will help identify and remediate common issues and vulnerabilities.

Container Image: Container Image: different anatomies in different contexts - how to optimize - how

The benefits of containerization are well understood—but if we dig deeper into images’ composition, can we optimize their footprint?
In this tutorial, I will discuss different anatomies for container images in different contexts, diving into the internals of an image with a demo and space optimization techniques. Attendees will gain deep insight into how images work under the hood, and will learn how to optimize their own images, reducing infrastructure footprint by saving storage & bandwidth, attack surface on images, and increase speed when images are pulled for rapid deployments.

Avinash Desireddy

Sr. Solutions Architect @Mirantis Inc

Austin, Texas, United States