B. Onur Okutucu

B. Onur Okutucu

Microsoft MVP, Automation Architect, International Speaker

London, United Kingdom



Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • PowerShell
  • Azure
  • Microsoft Azure
  • DevOps & Automation

Boost Up PowerShell on Azure with ResourceGraph

A brief intro of ResourceGraph followed by a bunc of useful examples on how to get speedy results on Azure queries using PowerShell & Resource Graph duo.

Demystifying Azure Cloud Shell

In this session, the attendees will get the most out of Azure Cloud Shell, an integrated Azure Shell experience to be able to manage Azure Services with the Power of PowerShell!

Fruit Salad

Putting a world of tools in an "advanced" scenario does not always mean the best way to attract people to attend your session at a conference BUT I will still give it a try :)
In this session I will be presenting how to deploy to Azure with PowerShell using a combination of Runbooks, Azure Powershell Functions and PowerShell tasks in Azure DevOps Pipelines. With this, the attendees will be able to see a whole scenario where they can get the most out of PowerShell!

PS Smart Home

Don't you think that it'd be great if you could make use of your smart home devices as part of automation lifecycle such as turning on a red light whenever a serious event occurs on Azure?

This event will have couple of nice and fun PowerShell automation ideas where smart home devices will get involved to make it even more fun!

Azure & PowerShell 7 Better Together

A short journey in Azure management with the latest and greatest PowerShell 7 cmdlets

Alexa! Run PowerShell!

Using Alexa with Azure PowerShell Functions for common tasks such as start-stop VMs, generating reports and some more.

Azure Firewall Manager with Latest Features

Preview Features of Azure Firewall Manager to centrally manage security policies, Azure Firewall instances and Virtual WAN Hubs

Global Azure Virtual Sessionize Event

April 2020 Seattle, Washington, United States

B. Onur Okutucu

Microsoft MVP, Automation Architect, International Speaker

London, United Kingdom


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