Bas Pluim

Bas Pluim

IBM DevOps Consultant

I help large companies deliver software faster through DevSecOps processes, tools, and automation. I've worked as developer, tester, architect, seller, cloud specialist, and manager for over 20 years, and having a broad understanding of IT helps me advise teams on improving their ways of working

Current sessions

Moving to a DevSecOps operating model

As teams shift to agile development and embrace DevOps practices, new bottlenecks have appeared in the software delivery process. The way organizations fund projects, hire vendors, manage infrastructure, and create shared services has not kept up with modern software delivery practices, and often blocks progress.

The DevSecOps target operating model lays out the key concepts and organizational structures needed to support agile development. Central to this are self-service solutions for infrastructure and tooling, a better way to fund projects, and a different approach to support. The model also looks at the dynamics between architecture and platform engineering, as well as changes to how clients manage vendors for application development.

Audience: Architects, business transformation consultants, executives, IT managers
Level: Intermediate
Session duration: ~1hr