Becca Morgan

Becca Morgan

Declarative Developer, Salesforce Nut with a PhD

Admin to Developer with focus on the problem being solved. Code is lovely and a necessary evil that brings technical debt, so I avoid it like the plague, if I can. Pre-salesforce, I got a PhD, did pre-clinical trails, virtual lab management, ran the math teaching lab, taught some math, started a non-profit that built a crazy gazebo in michigan and then got a job managing referral testing contracts and pre-clinical and clinical trial lab billing and pricing at a hospital. Innocent enough. But then I was bored and heard about a need for a DBA. Since then, Salesforce has keep me interested. It hits the math and the science!!! I strive for better data AND better user experience. Mostly because better UE leads to better data. And the data in and out is why we all do this, right?

Past and future events

Virtual Dreamin 2020 - Call For Paper

16 May 2020 - 17 May 2020