Ben Watt

Ben Watt

Managing Director of Datalineo

Dublin, Ireland

Ben is Managing Director of Datalineo and is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP, specialising in Power BI.

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Power BI
  • Power Automate
  • Data Warehousing

Power BI report designs and features that drive positive Customer feedback

This session contains real-world feedback from the field showing what Power BI solution features and report design drive the most positive feedback from Customers.

Beware, you will see a number of features that Business Intelligence professionals regard as hype, non-standard and worse-practice. Through my years of consulting I have come to regard these features as much higher value than we may originally consider.

It's not all controversial stuff, you'll see visual design and navigation techniques that add a user experience boost and directly impact your Users' sentiment.

After this session you should have a new outlook on how to gift wrap your Power BI solution in a way that delivers not only the intended business insights, but a polished user experience and improved user adoption.

Evolving your Power BI Architecture using Dataflows and Shared Datasets

In this session we will look how the release of dataflows and shared datasets has changed the way we design our Power BI solutions. Starting with a single Power BI file, containing the queries, data model and reports, we will look at the features allowing you to decouple these components to move your solution into a more enterprise architecture.

We will walk through a solution and watch it grow into a mature architecture, and you’ll see demos of dataflows, shared datasets and data visualisations sourced from your datasets in the cloud. We’ll talk through the benefits and some pitfalls, all with the goal of getting you ready to grow your Power BI estate straight away!

Power Automate your way to Cognitive Services and Power BI

This session is suited to those new or getting started with Power Automate. We will walk though a Power Automate driven solution to capture images from an email inbox, apply multiple Cognitive Services algorithms and analyse the output in a Power BI report.

We will walk through a Flow, covering Loops, Conditions, Variables, 3rd Party actions, API calls & more.

With the data captured by the Flow, we'll do some analysis in Power BI

Automate your Power BI data validation

In this session we look at one way to implement automated testing of your Power BI dataset's data quality back to source.

In a meta-data driven solution you'll see how to leverage multiple technologies like Python, Azure Function Apps, SQL Database and of course Power BI to create a test history dashboard.

With this process in place, you will feel much more comfortable that development across your Power BI data model or dataflows don't create unexpected differences, with validation done across all dimensions.

This session is demo heavy, uses the AdventureWorks database and of the code is shared so you'll be able to pick it up, try it out & adapt to your own solutions.

Ben Watt

Managing Director of Datalineo

Dublin, Ireland