Bert Verbeek

Bert Verbeek

Microsoft MVP | Technical Solution Architect at 4PS

Barneveld, The Netherlands


Bert Verbeek is a Microsoft MVP and is working for almost 15 years with Navision / Business Central in several rolls like Finance consultant and productmanagemer.
Currently he is working as a Technical Solution Architect at 4PS group.

His focus is especially on the platform of Business Central and all the integrations with the platform.
Also sometime he contribute to the base App.


Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
  • Dynamics 365 Business Central
  • Business Central

What is MS Fabric and how to put my Business Central data in it?

Data is very important these days and recently Microsoft has launched Microsoft Fabric.
But what is it?
How can you use it?
And how can you put your Business Central data in it?
Those questions are answered in this session.
We show you how to export the raw data from Business Central to MS Fabric and how to use the tools inside MS Fabric to get your data in a structured warehouse.
If you want to learn about Business Central and datawarehouses this session is for you.

How to bring your data into Dataverse

Dataverse is the backbone of the Power Platform. But how can you bring your Business Central data into Dataverse and use it with the different apps inside the Power Platform?
In this session we will show you the different options that you have and how you can extend that. But also how you can use the data in Power Apps, Power Automate and Power Pages.

How to export data from Business Central to MS Fabric and Azure Data Lake

If you want to export big amount of data for analyzing the APIs of Business Central are not sufficient enough.
In this session we will do a deep dive how you can export a big amount of data to an Azure Data Lake with the open source bc2adls extension and Azure Synapse Pipelines.
In that way you can analyze it through Power BI but also Machine Learning.
But we are also let you know how you can export your data into a lakehouse inside Microsoft Fabric and use it from there.

Telemetry for Consultants

Telemetry is just a fancy word for "usage data". As a functional consultant, you can use telemetry to learn how the customer is using (or not using) base app functionality, reports, Microsoft connectors, and features. And you can dive into the errors that customers experience in their environments. In this session, I will show scenarios for you and how you can use them in your daily work in Business Central projects.

How to measure your performance in Business Central with the Performance Toolkit

Every customer wants a good performance. But how can you have a calm feeling about it?

In this session you will get to know how to work with the Performance Tookit (BCPT) in a real life situation.
We will cover the following topics:
- How you can investigate which scenario's the customer wants
- How you can write your test codeunits (scenario's) in a way you can reuse it.
- Test your scenario's with the new Visual Studio Code extension
- How you can start your performance test
- How can you analyze the results by telemetry.
- We provide tips and trics so you really understand how it works.

After this session you are up and running, and ready to start your first performance test at your customer.

The real world of the sync with Dataverse and Business Central

Business Central has a default connector with Dataverse.
But how can you use this in the real world because mostly we see it in pre sales demos.

In this session we are facing two issues:
- Right know there is allot of coding needed to sync a custom table with Dataverse.
We will lett you see how you can implement it with less code.
- Mostly there are no good scenario's how the integration works.
We will show how you can sync common data between different Business Central tenants with Dataverse.
But also how to deal with Virtual Entities scenario's.

Above and beyond - When BC is not enough

Business Central certainly is a great solution, with a lot of flexibility and extendability. But at the same time, it has its limits and also, while you can do some things in BC, it actually is better to do them somewhere else. In this sessionm we want to tackle three aspects of that:

- You want to compute something where BC isn't ideal, maybe because you would like to use a third-party library or AL isn't a great fit for the problem. We will show how Azure Functions can be created, deployed and maintained to make that work
- You want to integrate with other solutions in the Microsoft world or with other Business Central tenants. We will show how Dataverse can be used to solve that type of problem
- You want to move data out of Business Central, e.g. because you intend to keep your database lean or need to use advanced analytics. We will show how an Azure Data Lake can help with those challenges

After this session, you will have an idea about the solutions those products offer in connection with Business Central, where they can help you and you will also see how to use them

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Bert Verbeek

Microsoft MVP | Technical Solution Architect at 4PS

Barneveld, The Netherlands


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