Bianca Miron

Bianca Miron

Software Development Engineer, Microsoft

Recently joined the Surface Duo DevX team and is eager to help app developers with their journey in the dual screen world

Current sessions

Introduction and deep dive into dual screen foldables app development.

This talk will introduce you to dual screen foldable devices like the upcoming Surface Duo mobile device and the possibilities that this form factor opens up for application developers and users.
We will share various dual screen UX design patterns relevant to all foldable devices and walk through the various levels of support a developer can make use of to take advantage of large screen mobile devices, both for single- and dual-screen foldables.
The talk will go deep into the code that apps can use to enhance their user experiences for dual screen devices, walking through code samples for Drag & Drop, launching activities to the adjacent screen, spanning apps so they use both screens at the same time, and using design patterns such as List/Detail, Companion Pane, Two Page and Dual View, showing how quick it can be to enhance apps with extra user value on foldable devices.
The session will end with a guest speaker from the Jira Mobile team (from Atlassian) who will share how they approached dual screen app design and what they have done in code to enhance the Jira app’s user experiences on dual screen foldables.