Bill Skelly

Bill Skelly

Founder and CEO @ Causeway Solutions

Prior to starting Causeway Solutions, Bill spent over a decade at the Republican National Committee leading a team that revolutionized how political data is used and generated in campaigns. As a self-taught programmer, Bill has an exceptional talent for distilling vast quantities of information in a way to make very complex concepts approachable and understandable. He has become a leader in helping campaigns and organizations use data in the most impactful and cost effective ways.

Bill’s work both in and out of the RNC has allowed him to gain experience and familiarity within every corner of the United States. Recognized as an industry leader, Bill has worked in an advisory role with many of the most influential people and organizations throughout the country – on projects ranging in size from grassroots public affairs efforts to US Presidential campaign strategies.

Bill’s experience in the field of data and political campaigns ensures that Causeway Solutions’ clients remain on the cutting edge of technological and strategic advances.

Bill graduated from American University in Washington, D.C. in 2001 and currently resides in New Orleans, Louisiana with his wife, Jessica, their two children, and Jack Russell / Beagle mix Franklin.

Current sessions

Creating real world big data pipelines in Azure

Azure is replete with big data solutions, but if you aren’t automating those workflows then you are truly missing out! In this wide ranging workshop we will get hands on with a variety of Azure tools and technologies you can use today to automate, manage, and monitor your big data workflows. Technologies covered will be Azure Data Factory, Logic Apps, Azure Functions, blob storage events, Azure Key Vault and more. Along the way we’ll discuss automation strategies, integration with SSIS, Visual Studio, and Git with VSTS.

Custom .NET in Azure Data Lake

Azure Data Lake Analytics (ADLA) is a world class big data processing platform. One of ADLA’s highlights is the U-SQL scripting language, and its most powerful feature is C# and .NET integration. In this workshop you will learn how to leverage C# to write and deploy custom code and learn the rules of the road for .NET integration and deployment. We’ll get some hands-on experience writing custom Extractors, Outputters, Processors, Combiners, and more. In the process, we will discuss the virtues and limits of code behind, learn how to register and update assemblies, and even see how to embed C# functions directly into U-SQL scripts.