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Brian McKeiver

Brian McKeiver

Microsoft Azure MVP; Co-Owner at BizStream

Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States

Brian McKeiver is Co-Owner at BizStream, digital agency in Allendale, MI. At BizStream he is a solution architect, visionary, Microsoft Azure MVP, Kentico Xperience MVP, and Kontent.ai MVP. He has over 20 years of experience leading his agency of more than 35 employees, about a hundred clients spread out across North America, and one heck of an interesting story of how it all started from a two-person team. In addition to his expertise in web development, cloud, integration, and digital marketing, Brian is active with the tech community via his blog at Mcbeev.com.


Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • .NET
  • .net framework
  • ASP .NET Core
  • Azure App Configuration
  • Azure App Service
  • Azure Search
  • azure static web app
  • kentico
  • CMS
  • headless cms
  • kontent
  • Soft Skills
  • Leadership
  • Business Growth
  • Digital Marketing
  • dxp
  • Content Management

Azure OpenAI in Action

Azure’s OpenAI service allows developers to apply large language models and generative AI to a variety of use cases. It represents a transformative approach to AI development. By leveraging Microsoft's powerful cloud infrastructure, it demystifies complex AI processes. Most importantly it allows you to bring your own data to the party.

Join the session to see how this service, along with tools like Azure OpenAI Studio and Azure ML Studio, makes AI development accessible and manageable for us all. See how it is a platform designed to bridge the gap between theoretical AI and practical implementation. Leave knowing how to ground AI with your own data and add it into your own applications.

High Availability with Azure PaaS for Websites

Let's review how to accomplish highly available architecture for modern websites in Azure. We will see how to leverage PaaS based resources like Azure Front Door, Azure App Services, Azure SQL Databases, and other Azure resource types that allow sites to scale, be more fault tolerant, and ultimately provide more uptime.

This session is for developers and end clients who want to leverage Azure to host their sites in a modern way.

Headless CMS Architecture Patterns

Using a Headless and API-First approach comes with a problem. With only an API (or multiple) to start with, how do you know you are building your project codebase ("head") to account for best practices such as caching, security, and best performance. How do you know what path offers to allow for the most flexibility with the least amount of headaches? It isn't the same as just having a database and template engine on the backend.

SaaS based Headless solutions are a powerful way to build modern enterprise class websites. They are also becoming more popular by the day.

Luckily, multiple solutions have now been built around these "API first" platforms. Some best practice architecture patterns have emerged as a result, and this session aims to share them. Attendees will see and learn these patterns for designing, building, and deploying Headless based solutions.

Leave the session with proven architecture patterns and how to apply them when working with a Headless CMS and API first stack.

Supercharged Static Sites in .NET with Statiq + Azure

In this session we will walk through how to build a static site using Statiq, Github, and Azure that is much more than just delivering simple HTML.

Need an API? editable content? authorization? CI/CD? Check check and check. I'll show you to make that static site dynamic with Azure functions, Headless CMS, modern tooling, and Azure Static Web Apps.

Leave this session knowing how you can use your .NET / C# skills to build a blazing fast site that costs almost nothing to run and is a joy to work with.

State-of-the-art Search with Azure Cognitive Search

We all know that providing a good search experience for website visitors is hard. Everyone expects it to “just” work like Google or Amazon. Maybe there is a better way, maybe we fix this with a little help from some AI.

Join the session to see how you can leverage Cognitive Services with Azure Cognitive Search in your apps. With the newly minted semantic search abilities this technology can provide results that are semantically closer to the intent of original query. For example, can you your search return the right results for a query like "in the last 5 years" or will it just return matches based on those 5 words without any context.

You will also learn how to enhance and enrich search through Cognitive Service Skills like natural language processing, image analysis, entity recognition capabilities. Don't know what those are? Well that's not a problem because you will find out.

You can expect to walk away knowing how to generate your own enrichment pipeline that leverages the power of AI to solve your search woes. Why not use the same integrated Microsoft natural language stack that Bing and Office have used for more than a decade into your site? Maybe AI can make it "just" work.

How to Win Friends and Influence...Better Developer Estimates

Let's face it, creating estimates for tasks is not an exact science. Whether it is points, hours, level of effort, or whatever else the next fad is, it all mostly boils down to what feels like a shot in the dark.

Join my session to find out a few lessons learned, tips, tricks, and strategies for creating accurate and timely estimates on your developer tasks. I'll share my experiences for creating the majority of estimates at my company for the past 18 years. I'd estimate that the amount of estimates I have created is more than 500 or so...see what I did there?

At the end of the day, if you can create better estimates, than maybe your project managers will end up becoming another one of your long time friends.

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Brian McKeiver

Microsoft Azure MVP; Co-Owner at BizStream

Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States