Bo Vandersteene

Bo Vandersteene

Software engineer

Bo is a software engineer currently living in Belgium. She likes writing code and solve complex problems. She is passionate about front-end, testing and the latest trends in Computer Science. When not doing geek things, Bo spend some time with her husband and two kids, or fighting fires (she is also a volunteer firefighter).

Current sessions

Where is my error gone?

Javascript provides a good integration for logging and debugging. You can use Chrome Dev tools as a great tool to help you debug frontend applications.
On your locale machine you can set breakpoints add error logs. But then the user has an error! You cannot access his console or debugger tools. It maybe always happen at a certain hour. No log is available for you personally. The user cannot explain the flow he has followed to this error, even explain you which browser version he has is hard!
During this talks we do a deeper dive into the console and chrome dev tools, but also how can you log your errors and warnings from a remote computer.

Backend or Frontend first, It doesn't matter

A discussion a lot of people will recognise! The question we will develop first the backend webservices, because we need them to develop the frontend. But what if we works on both sides together. In this talk we will show how to achieve this, which strategy you should take, what are the pitfalls,..

nest - efficient server-side applications

Do you want to learn a framework that offers a lot out of the box? Probably you were using expressjs with a lot of node_modules to build a backend application. With nestjs, this is no longer needed, all the integration is done for you. Seperation of concerns, dependency injection, validators, microservices, ... . Maybe the next spring framework!