Bob German

Bob German

Building Solutions with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure

Boston, Massachusetts, United States


Bob German is a Cloud Developer Advocate for Microsoft focused on Microsoft 365 and Azure development, especially building apps for Microsoft Teams using the Graph API. He's been developing collaborative applications since the early days of SharePoint, and has a background in the SharePoint Framework, Azure Bot Framework, and Azure Active Directory.

Before (re)joining Microsoft, Bob was a Microsoft MVP and Principal Architect at BlueMetal, where he led the development of numerous collaborative applications, Intranets, and other custom Office 365 and Azure based solutions.


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Introduction to Teams Development

Microsoft Teams is a hot new addition to the Office 365 family, and manages to incorporate all kinds of collaboration into a fluid, mobile-friendly user experience. Teams is increasingly used much like a SharePoint Team site (in fact, every team has a SharePoint team site but it's mostly hidden by default!)

In this demo-filled session, you'll learn the architecture behind Teams, and how to take advantage of Teams' underlying SharePoint mojo in your projects. You'll also learn how to build Teams applications utilizing SharePoint Framework tabs, connectors, messaging extensions, and bots. Don't miss this opportunity to add Teams development to your repertoire!

DEV301 - Site Designs and PnP PowerShell: Modern SharePoint site provisioning

Site Designs are the site templates of modern SharePoint. The enterprise can publish a number of designs which can be chosen when a new SharePoint site is created. Each new site is ready to go with custom list and views, branding elements, pages and web parts, and is automatically enrolled in hub relationships to manage navigation.

In this session you'll learn how to develop your own Site Designs and Site Scripts, and how to connect them with Microsoft Flow and OfficeDev PnP PowerShell. You'll also learn how to configure Site Designs and target them to particular users as a part of governance. Join in and start taking advantage of modern SharePoint provisioning!

WRK403 - What Every SharePoint Developer should know about Microsoft Azure

While the SharePoint Framework is the new place to customize the SharePoint UI, it runs completely within the web browser, and does nothing to help with background processing or other server-side work, including situations where you need to elevate permissions beyond what the end user is allowed to do. Both sandboxed and farm solutions are off the table in SharePoint Online, leaving few SharePoint-based options for this kind of work. Fortunately, Microsoft Azure is well positioned to handle these situations and many more, and should be part of every SharePoint developer's tool set.

This workshop will introduce Azure platform services including Azure Active Directory, web apps, logic apps, Azure Functions, and more. You will learn practical approaches to integrate these with SharePoint. Scenarios will include:

• Surfacing line of business data in SharePoint via Azure web apps and functions
• Elevating permission in a SharePoint web part
• Using Azure functions as timer jobs and web services
• Implementing workflows and business orchestration with Azure Logic Apps
• Storing and querying large data sets (beyond 5,000 rows) in SQL Azure
• Safely managing security and secrets in your Azure code with Managed Service Identities and Key Vault

Attendees should have a working knowledge of C# development and familiarity with SharePoint Online.

Don't miss this opportunity to upgrade your development skills for modern SharePoint!

AZR201 - Mastering Azure Functions

Azure functions are the ideal building blocks for solutions that extend SharePoint behind the scenes. They can be used to provide custom web services, as custom actions on Flow and Logic Apps, and to run scheduled background processes.

In this session you'll learn how to write Azure functions that integrate with SharePoint. We'll begin with a brief overview of Azure functions and authentication from the SharePoint UI into functions and back into SharePoint remote API's. From there, you'll learn how to build enterprise-class solutions that incorporate robust exception handling and application lifecycle management across staging and production environments.

The session will be split betweem C# and JavaScript. Mastering Azure Functions is a key skill for every modern SharePoint developer, and this session is the ideal place to start!

DEV104 - Formalize and Future-Proof Client-Side Development for 'Classic' SharePoint

Is your organization still on a legacy version of SharePoint with no immediate plans to upgrade? Feeling left out in the cold when SharePoint Framework is only for SharePoint online or for SharePoint 2016 with Feature Pack 2? Tired of mounting up technical debt for a time in the not too distant future when you will migrate and want to adopt modern sites?
Join Julie Turner and Bob German for this focused look on implementing a modern development toolchain that mimics the SharePoint Framework and propels your development from a bit of a hack into a more formalized process. Not only does this help you deliver solutions that are more maintainable and future-proof, it helps you become more marketable in today’s SharePoint and web development environment.
You will learn how to:
·         set up your development environment to use task runners, bundlers, TypeScript, and more, with the ability to take or leave various pieces as they work for you.
·         think about deployment strategies for development, testing, and production
·         architect your solutions to provide a more future-proof code base that will expedite the migration process when it comes

The Wall: Overcoming SharePoint's Site Collection Boundary

When dealing with an expansive SharePoint deployment, the site collection boundary is a wall frequently run into in many aspects of managing such an environment. How can we ensure consistency across our sites with our content, business processes, the user experience, and customizations? Is it possible to maintain workflows and web parts in multiple sites? Microsoft has provided us with some platform support in a small number of areas, but what can be done to augment capabilities and ease the management burden? We'll dive into possible approaches for handling:
• site lifecycles including provisioning and deletion
• taxonomy
• workflow definition, replication, and updating
• navigation
• custom web parts
We'll be employing out-of-the-box features including use of SharePoint Designer and shared service applications, PowerShell, Microsoft Patterns and Practices, and some custom code. While many of these methods require on premise farm situations, we'll discuss what is possible with SharePoint in Office 365. We'll also talk a bit about what could help us in a hybrid situation.

Building SharePoint Framework Web Parts with ReactJS

Thinking of using the SharePoint Framework to create modern Web Parts? You can use any JavaScript framework you like, but Microsoft is leaning in to ReactJS for their modern web parts and you might want to as well. Using React allows you to more easily use the Office UI Fabric, a library of user interface elements that fit seamlessly into Office.

This session will provide a brief overview of React, the SharePoint Framework, and the Office UI Fabric. Then we'll show you how to put it all together. Don't miss this opportunity to experience the future of client-side development for SharePoint!

Microsoft 365 EduCon Seattle 2022 Sessionize Event

May 2022 Seattle, Washington, United States

Bob German

Building Solutions with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure

Boston, Massachusetts, United States


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