Brent Ozar

Brent Ozar

I make Microsoft SQL Server go faster.

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States


I make Microsoft SQL Server go faster. I love teaching, travel, cars, and laughing. Las Vegas, US. He/him.

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • sql server
  • T-SQL
  • performance
  • Database
  • SQL Server DBA
  • Database Administration
  • Database Development
  • Databases

Identifying and Fixing Parameter Sniffing

You swear nothing changed - but suddenly your SQL Server has ground to a halt. Queries are slow across the board. You restart the server, rebuild indexes, or update statistics, and magically the problem goes away - but what really happened, and how do you fix it faster and more permanently?

Brent Ozar will explain what parameter sniffing is, show it happening live, explain why most people fix it the wrong way, and give you options to fix it long term.

Blocking: How to Find and Fight LCK* Waits

When you’re facing lock waits and blocked queries, it’s tempting to just slather NOLOCK all over the queries. Thing is, this won’t necessarily fix it, and there are much better ways to track, diagnose, and cure blocking issues. You’ll learn them here.

Dynamic SQL: Pro Tips for Building and Tuning It

Dynamic SQL is one of the most powerful tools in the database developer's arsenal. When you need a complex search stored procedure that takes all kinds of parameters (price, category, location, color), dynamic SQL can run extremely quickly by leveraging better indexes. However, when done wrong, it's extremely painful to troubleshoot.

I'm Brent Ozar, a Microsoft Certified Master who's been working with dynamic SQL for over a decade. I'll show you how to use sp_executesql, sp_BlitzCache, and my favorite tricks for easier debugging and commenting.

SQL Saturday Boston 2023 Sessionize Event

October 2023 Burlington, Massachusetts, United States

Techorama Belgium 2019 Sessionize Event

May 2019 Antwerpen, Belgium

Techorama NL 2018 Sessionize Event

October 2018 Ede, The Netherlands

Brent Ozar

I make Microsoft SQL Server go faster.

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States


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