Brenton Adey

Brenton Adey

Senior Data Analytics Consultant at Telstra Purple

Perth, Australia

I am a data analytics advocate with an emphasis on generating people first insights.

I come from a unique background with a Bachelor of Science majoring in Mathematics and Psychological Science, and a Master of Applied Artificial Intelligence on the way. I look for unique problem-solving opportunities and thrive in complex environments.

I am passionate about all things data but have a keen interest in the development of machine learning in combination with traditional BI analytics. My role as a consultant keeps me close to the ground, giving me an insight into the technologies being used across many different domains.

Outside of my role as a consultant, I help others get into the data field by teaching the Data Analytics Bootcamp at the University of Western Australia.

Data is a rapidly growing domain. It is my vision to spread awareness of the power that comes with taking control of data.

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Data Science
  • Data Analytics
  • Data Science & AI
  • Data Visualization

A Neuro-Psychological Examination of Human Perception and it’s Role in Data Visualisation

Welcome to a Neuro-Psychological Examination of Human Perception and it’s Role in Data Visualisation, or "Why I hate Pie Charts"

Everyone knows what a pie chart is, there's been at least one on every report since the dawn of time. Who doesn't love a pie chart?

I don't.

I don't love a pie chart.

In this talk, we'll be diving into the neuro-psychology of data visualisation and the perceptual systems in the brain responsible for making data visualisation such a powerful communication tool.

We'll start with the basics of Bertin's Visual Variables and Gestalt Psychology, then move into the deeper mechanisms of colour, memory, and attention.

Along the way, we'll make pitstops showcasing why pie charts break every one of these "perceptual rules", going against a millennium of human evolution.

By breaking down the sub-conscious we can understand what makes a good chart good and what makes a pie chart bad.

No experience is needed, but if you've ever seen a data analyst roll their eyes or shudder at the three-letter word "pie" then this is the chance to learn why.

Training a PowerPoint AI to Play Tic Tac Toe

How does machine learning actually work? Is it something set aside from us mere mortals, only for the maths nerds with super-computers?

Using basic concepts we will go through how common machine learning algorithms work from first principles.

If someone were mad enough, they could even apply these basic concepts to build an Artificial Intelligence out of, say, a Microsoft PowerPoint...

But no one in their right mind would be crazy enough to do that.


Based on the Matchbox Educable Noughts And Crosses Engine (MENACE) built by Donald Michie in 1961, this talk strips the complexity and mystery from the black box that is machine learning: Proving that even a PowerPoint (mixed with a few lonely nights and almost 2,000 slides) can be taught the best opening moves of Tic Tac Toe.

Finally, a truly no-code solution for machine learning enthusiasts.

No prior knowledge of Machine Learning, AI, or data science is needed.

Brenton Adey

Senior Data Analytics Consultant at Telstra Purple

Perth, Australia

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