Brett Whittington

Brett Whittington

Senior Principal @ Slalom

Columbus, Ohio, United States

Brett is a reading fanatic and easily reads at least one book a week because he loves stories. That’s why Brett likes working on technology that helps people and businesses tell their story, usually by building a mobile application or public website.
When not coding, he spends a large portion of his work life helping his peers tell their story through public speaking. He believes helping others help themselves is the best way to achieve growth in professional and personal life.
Brett also hates Greek yogurt.

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • JavaScript
  • Ionic
  • ASP.NET Core

Getting Jacked with Bicep

Are your CI/CD pipelines a bit wimpy? Would you rather sit on the couch than get stretch out that lax infrastructure? Feeling a bit deflated by your current CI/CD tools? Get into shape with Bicep!

Bicep is a relatively new Domain Specific Language (DSL) for Azure that allows developers to write infrastructure-as-code with intellisense, type safety, and basic programming structures like loops, conditions, and reusuability. In this talk, we'll go over why using first class authoring tools for DevOps are the next iteration of improvements, using more advanced features of Bicep, and how to get your DevOps skills in shape.

Estimating App Builds and Migrations in the Cloud

In the age cloud migrations and digital transformations, developers are often asked to estimate work on technology stacks they haven't used before. Estimations in general are difficult and adding the cloud component can add an extra level of complexity, or does it?

Learn how to love the estimation process and leave with some tips and tactics when dealing with the cloud. We will do a brief discussion of estimation best practices. Learn how to transfer the estimation knowledge from estimator to the rest of the team.

Demystifying Cloud Transformations

Your boss or your boss's boss went to a conference has caught the dreaded Cloud Transformation bug. Problem is when you ask him what that means you hear meaningless buzz words that come out of a cloud transformation brochure. This talk will go over cloud transformations so that you can translate very broad generic ideas into actual innovative ideas to bring your team and business into the cloud.

60% of the Time, Estimates Are Right Every Time

Historically developers hate giving estimates because they are mostly wrong and are often held to them by the business. The business needs estimates because ultimately all projects cost money. What happens when the estimator leaves or the estimation is from months prior? How do we get developers and business to both get what they want?

Learn how to love the estimation process. This talk goes over doing estimation best practices. Learn how to transfer the estimation knowledge from estimator to the rest of the team. Keep business to scope and understanding change process.

Is ChatGPT the end of StackOverflow?

ChatGPT has made a huge splash on social media among development circles and other industries with many experts weighing in on its usefulness. But how can us average developers make use of something we may or may not understand? How can we leverage this up-and-coming technology and use it to supercharge our development skills?

In this presentation we'll go over how to leverage ChatGPT to supplement our day-to-day work life to answer our most pressing issues and to write all of that gross boilerplate code we need to write on new projects. Learn how to ask ChatGPT the right questions to quickly solve your problems. We'll also discuss the moral considerations of using ChatGPT when it comes to working the workplace.

Ninja Moves for Nailing Your Next New Job: A Playful Guide to Rocking Your Fresh Gig

Congratulations! You've snagged that new job - cue the confetti and happy dances. But hey, we get it, diving into the unknown can be scarier than a haunted roller coaster. Fret not! This talk is your guide to lead you to victory in starting new job, based my recent experience starting a new job from a person who has had only 2 jobs in 20 years.

From high-fiving your new work pals to decoding the company's quirky rituals, and from speaking like a smooth-talking pro to taming those "butterflies in the stomach," I've got your back. By embracing these savvy tactics and learning from my mistakes, you'll slay self-doubt and level up your job game.

CodeMash 2023 Sessionize Event

January 2023 Sandusky, Ohio, United States

CodeMash 2019 Sessionize Event

January 2019 Sandusky, Ohio, United States

Brett Whittington

Senior Principal @ Slalom

Columbus, Ohio, United States

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