Brian Eccles

Brian Eccles

IBM Q Ambassador

Brian Eccles is an IBM Q Ambassador and market analyst. His experience includes technology prognostication, business development, market research and new product development. He enjoys building and leading global teams.

Current sessions

Quantum Computing, Qiskit and the IBM Q Experience

Quantum computing is arriving. With quantum computers we can tackle problems in entirely new ways leveraging entanglement, superposition, and interference. Scenario simulations, optimization, AI/ML patterns, and physical processes are areas where quantum computing may show earliest impact.

In this session we'll cover what is quantum computing, why it is so different from classical computing, why it is important, applications, resources available to developers, and how to get started with access to real quantum systems in the cloud today.

Past and future events

Seattle University

Seminar - A 90 minutes overview of quantum computing, including a hands-on demo. For students and faculty
11 May - 13 May 2020

Oregon State University

Seminar for students and faculty; Quantum Computing, Qiskit, and the IBM Q Experience
7 May 2020

DevOpsDays Seattle 2020

14 Apr - 15 Apr 2020
Seattle, Washington, United States

DeveloperWeek 2020

12 Feb - 14 Feb 2020
Oakland, California, United States

New Tech Tacoma

Overview of quantum computing developments and its application
15 Jan 2020
Tacoma, Washington, United States

TechFin Asia

Keynote speaker, on quantum computing and potential applicability to the financial services industry.
5 Dec - 6 Dec 2019
Seoul, South Korea

HPC User Forum

Event hosted at Argonne National Lab. Gave an update on quantum computing developments and uses.
9 Sep - 11 Sep 2019
Chicago, Illinois, United States

NewTech Eastside

Overview of quantum computing and its applications
20 Aug 2019
Bellevue, Washington, United States

Gartner Catalyst

Engaged attendees at the booth display for three days. Gave some short overviews, explained the technology and uses, answered questions.
12 Aug - 15 Aug 2019
San Diego, California, United States