Brian Mather brian@action-bi.uk

Brian Mather brian@action-bi.uk

Founder of Action BI

London, United Kingdom

Brian has been helping major international organisations transform their business using Power BI since 2015 including financial performance, asset management as well as driving new technologies for airport maintenance

Area of Expertise

  • Business & Management
  • Transports & Logistics


  • Data analysis
  • PowerBI
  • Data Visualization

The Journey from Good Power BI to Great Enterprise Model

So now everyone is excited and starting to use that Power BI report masterpiece that you built. They want to add more and it feels like it's getting out of hand.

Which reports will be affected if I change this measure, has this measure been used or can I delete it? Now there's too many different topics spread across too many tabs, I need to split this up into separate reports that make sense together. But how do I manage model development with separate files? Help!!

Join us for a journey through a series of practices that can take your model from good to great, so it is much easier to debug, maintain and extend in the future

Tracking Changes & Dependencies with Easy Source Control for Power BI Desktop

Introducing Action BI Toolkit, a powerful collection of free utilities including a convenient, easy to use external tool and a powerful command line utility that bring source control for both your reports and your model, finally(!), to Power BI Desktop.

1) ActionBI-tools – a thorough how-to action packed demo featuring a new free community External Tool that allows you to check in your changes to your Power BI report (pbix file) as you work in Power BI Desktop, without having to break your workflow. Work seamlessly tracking changes with both your model and report in the same file. Or, just check-in your report if you are working on a ‘thin report’ that’s connected to your analysis services instance, a local Power BI file or Power BI Premium.

Together with VS Code or your source control tool of choice, learn to easily browse previous version of your M-code or DAX measures. Want to push it a little further, use ActionBI-tools to track your model and report dependencies, export snapshots of data.

2) Pbi-tools – see how to use a powerful command line utility for enterprise-grade multi-developer DevOps scenario using only Power BI Desktop. Merge changes in your pbix file, and programmatically generate a new pbix as your changes work through your DevOps pipeline. Generate deployable pbix files directly from source control without having to hold on to large binary files in your source control.

Power BI + Git + DevOps = Action BI Toolkit

Are you frustrated by the lack of a source control story for Power BI reports? How do you know what has changed from one version of a .pbix file to another? How can you trust that what is in your source control system will make it through to staging, testing and finally into the production environment without bloating your repo with .pbix files?

Join us for an end-to-end demo of Action BI Toolkit, a free cross-platform/open-source solution that uses a declarative deployment model to deliver a simple DevOps pipeline for the automated deployment of .pbix reports into your environments.

Brian Mather brian@action-bi.uk

Founder of Action BI

London, United Kingdom