Callon Campbell

Callon Campbell

Cloud Mavericks Inc., Solution Architect and Developer

Callon Campbell is a Solutions Architect, Developer and Microsoft MVP in Azure. With over 20 years of experience, he's been developing enterprise applications for web, desktop, mobile, and cloud-native applications using Microsoft Azure, .NET, ASP.NET, and SQL Server. Callon is also the co-creator of ReflectInsight .NET Logging framework and Live Log Viewer. He's passionate about learning new technologies and sharing his experience with fellow peers in the community. Callon can be reached on Twitter via @Flying_Maverick, and has a blog at

Current sessions

Event Sourcing with Azure Cosmos DB Change Feed and Azure Functions

Help the elves track every event that happens this holiday season.

The change feed in Azure Cosmos DB is one of the most overlooked features of Microsoft’s globally distributed, massively scalable, multi-model database service. Similar to the transaction log of a relational database, the change feed is a persistent record of changes to a container in the order they occurred. It therefore serves as an excellent event source for a wide range of cloud-based microservices targeting ecommerce, IoT, and other large-scale scenarios.

Centralize your configuration with Azure App Configuration and Azure Functions

Modern cloud applications are distributed in nature, almost every single application becomes part of a more complex distributed system. There are multiple applications running on different geographical locations and a single solution may have different services running on different platforms like App Services, Virtual Machines and Serverless functions etc. Managing application settings/configuration across these distributed instances is difficult, and when issues come up, it's even more difficult to troubleshoot. Having a centralized location to store your application configurations helps to solve these issues. In this session, you will learn how to implement a centralized configuration for your serverless Azure Functions as well as how you can leverage Feature Flags to modify a system's behaviour without changing any code. This session focuses on software architects and developers intending to design and implement modern enterprise applications. In my demos, I'll be showing best practices and lessons learned from real-world enterprise customer projects.


Azure App Configuration
Azure Functions
Azure Storage
Azure Key Vault
Centralized Configuration
Feature Flags


1. Creating Azure App Configuration
2. Caching and updating configuration without an app restart
3. Using Feature Management
4. Automatic configuration backup and resiliency

Bringing serverless into the Enterprise

Industry and customer needs push enterprises to innovate and modernize their applications at a faster rate than ever before. Serverless solutions are a clear and natural choice for such demand due to its proven developer productivity gains. However, enterprises also require using services that can respond to their critical needs around networking, security, performance, DevOps, ability to run on-premises and compatibility with industry standards (e.g. Kubernetes). In this session, I will explore how serverless development with the Azure platform helps satisfy all these requirements.

Serverless Orchestration with Durable Azure Function

Durable Functions are an extension of Azure Functions that lets you write stateful functions in a serverless environment that unlock powerful orchestration workflows. In this session, you will learn how to build and deploy reliable web functions which can transparently scale to handle massive workloads.

Past and future events

Azure Virtual Community Day – GTA – Canada Edition

25 Apr 2020
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Global Azure Bootcamp 2019 Mississauga

27 Apr 2019
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada