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Carl Cookson

Carl Cookson

Microsoft Architect, MVP, MCT @Capgemini

London, United Kingdom

Power Platform seasoned (ex) developer with a passion for community and enabling everyone.
I am a seasoned professional developer who has experience with Dynamics 365 as well as other CRMs for over 20 years.
Microsoft MVP/MCT for Business Applications since 2020


Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Power Platform
  • Power Platform Enterprise Management
  • Dynamics 365

Managed Environments - Your secret to success

Are you tired of the chaos and lack of control in your Power Platform development process? Look no further than managed environments! With the ability to limit sharing, provide application lifecycle management, and gain valuable usage insights, managed environments are the solution you've been searching for.

Join me for an in-depth session that will not only highlight all the pros of managed environments but also address any potential limitations. Including all the newly released features, my hands-on walk-through and real-life examples will give you the knowledge and confidence to take action and adopt managed environments in your own development process.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to take your Power Platform development to the next level with managed environments.

Governance is not a dirty word

Governance is a process, a method of ensuring quality, driving adoption and empowering innovation. It does not have to be a negative, cumbersome method.

Let's discuss in this open session the best ways of enabling your business technologist to create the next generation of applications utilising the Microsoft tools, re-usable processes and community.

Graph API - Automate your administration

The Graph API in comibination with Power Automate can really ensure you are removing bottle necks in your organisation. From Guest users and managing teams to improved approvals and setting out of office.

This session will bring to the audience demos and walkthroughs of the API basics as well as the complex scenarios

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Carl Cookson

Microsoft Architect, MVP, MCT @Capgemini

London, United Kingdom