Caroline Harroe

Caroline Harroe

CEO(Harmless); Artist(Motherland, Coco Club, CarolineHarroeArts); Mental Health Manager(Artsies Collective);

Nottingham, United Kingdom

I am the CEO of the U.K. Centre of Excellence for self harm & suicide prevention, harmless.org.uk
My experience sees me advising internationally and to Government in relation to mental health and equality. A practicing specialist psychotherapist, I am also an artist and a mum to 5.

Since late 2021 I have been an active creator and collector in the NFT space. A serial social entrepreneur I am compelled to learn and develop but to also enhance the space with my niche skill set. Some describe my role as a safety consultant, offering scrutiny to project/business equality practices for safety and accessibility. I have published broadly, speak internationally and have the equivalent of an MBE for my work.

As an artist, my art overlaps with my professional capabilities, exploring the human experience through creative expression. An eclectic and award-winning artist my work was abandoned for many years due to my own illhealth. Now, after finding the NFT space this creativity has returned and been nurtured, growing a steady following and recently securing a sought after spot in the Nas Academy creator programme.

Alongside the art I create, I advise projects on:
Philanthropic strategy, specifically how they can build ‘doing good’ into their overall strategy and direction,
How to promote wellbeing in all NFT spaces
How safety and safe practice serve everyone well
Business strategy & sustainability
Welfare practices as business sense

I deliver training and support around online safety, incl. discord management & moderation & run a range of National and International Services.

A gay, disabled mum to 5 and foster mum to 1, a survivor of atrocities and carer, I am boundlessly dedicated to compassionate inclusivity and support.

Area of Expertise

  • Business & Management
  • Health & Medical
  • Arts


  • Mental Health
  • mental illness
  • Leadership development
  • Mental Wellbeing
  • trauma
  • psychotherapy
  • Suicide Prevention
  • suicide bereavement
  • self harm
  • innovation in healthcare
  • safety in web3
  • Psychological safety
  • Safe Teams are highperforming teams
  • Trust & Safety
  • Digital Safeguarding
  • safeguarding

Motherland: it takes a village

Exploring how NFT’s can promote:
social inclusion
Onboarding of a new cohort to web3
A support network in the absence of community
Creation of a library of generational and cultural wealth
An income stream for stay at home caregivers

Allyship in the NFT Community

Launching an NFT project requires more than great art & utility. Project leaders need strategic partners & access to capital. But tapping social networks can be tough for women in a space where men make-up 77% of NFT art sales. Segregated networks make it even harder for women of color, as white Americans have networks that are 93% white & 75% of white Americans have entirely white networks. This session is for anyone who wants to be an ally to underrepresented communities in the NFT community.

NFT.London 2022 by NFT.NYC

November 2022 London, United Kingdom

Caroline Harroe

CEO(Harmless); Artist(Motherland, Coco Club, CarolineHarroeArts); Mental Health Manager(Artsies Collective);

Nottingham, United Kingdom