Casey Albertsun

Casey Albertsun

Product Manager

Casey Albertsun is a Product Manager and Agile expert working at Ford. Casey has a Master’s degree from University of Michigan’s School of Information in Information Economics for Management.

Current sessions

So, Your Project Is On Fire. Again.

Your product owner has changed priorities for the third time this sprint; your team lead has their nose in their ‘Agile For Dummies’ book, your tech lead is on hour three of his lunch, and to cap things off your designers aren’t speaking to one another, because it should be purple (and everyone knows it.)

As more and more teams move from waterfall to Agile (or waterfall with stand ups), it's easy to get lost in the shuffle and feel like every day is more chaotic than the last.

In this session, we discuss how you, as a member of an Agile team, can arm yourself to fight the fires of daily development and help uplift your team and refine your process.