Cecilia Wirén

Cecilia Wirén

Long time coder - Active Solution

Tierp, Sweden


Cecilia Wirén is an accomplished senior developer at Active Solution with over two decades of significant experience in the world of technology. Her accomplishments have been recognized multiple times with the prestigious Microsoft MVP award, marking her as a leading expert in her field. Renowned for her expertise, Cecilia is often invited to share her insights at conferences and user group meetings, contributing to the collective knowledge of the tech community.

Cecilia's professional journey has seen her delve into several specialized areas, including Security and DevOps. Now, the fascinating field of artificial intelligence has captivated her interest, progressively occupying more space in her array of expertise. As an early adopter a decade ago, Cecilia has seamlessly integrated AI into her repertoire, harnessing its potential to drive innovative solutions.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Cecilia is an avid board game enthusiast and enjoys exploring new hobbies, reflecting her versatile interests.

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • App Development
  • Azure Security
  • Application Security
  • .NET
  • AI
  • DevOps


Your new colleague; GitHub Copilot en

Step into the future of coding with GitHub Copilot, an AI-powered companion transforming the realm of programming. It's your coding buddy, predicting and supplying the right code snippets in real time to boost efficiency.

Learn how, with a slight shift in perspective, using Copilot can dramatically enhance your productivity. Encounter a whole new dimension of coding, where humans and AI work together in harmony, not competition. By embracing this AI co-pilot, we're not just altering the code we write; we're transforming the way we interact with coding itself.

Journey from Azure DevOps to GitHub en

Transitioning from Azure DevOps to GitHub can be a significant move for an enterprise. This session is tailored to guide you seamlessly through it, encompassing mindset adjustment, terminology translation, and mastering the tools for the actual move.

To make the most of GitHub's robust platforms in an enterprise setting, we start with adjusting the mindset around workflows and processes. Next, we dive into helping you translate the terminologies and concepts from Azure DevOps to the GitHub ecosystem in the enterprise context, ensuring familiarity and confidence in the new environment.

The meat of the session equips you with the knowledge and tools to conduct an effective migration from Azure DevOps to GitHub. We provide insights into devising a robust migration plan and administering the associated tools to facilitate the move, minimizing disruption to your ongoing projects.

Embrace this transition as a significant stride towards leveraging GitHub's compelling features in the enterprise landscape. Embark on this journey with us as we pave the way to a smooth transition towards an enhanced development process.

Hey Developer, There's an AI in My Software! en

In an era where AI is ever-advancing, 'smart software' is no longer a novelty, but a necessity.

We'll guide you through identifying the right AI services to fuse into your software solutions for added intelligence, user experience enhancement, and superior functionality. Get a deep-dive into how these services can recast the caliber of your software, making them not just tools, but intelligent co-workers on your digital team.

By integrating relevant AI, your software can become more efficient, intuitive, and responsive. Discover areas where AI can augment your software, right from predictive analytics to natural language processing and much more. Learn all there is to know about making your software smart with AI. Take this leap with us, and stay not just competent, but ahead in an evolving tech landscape.

Hacking the Juice Shop en

Capture The Flag is both fun and educational at the same time, and a great tool to raise security awareness. You can do it by yourself, together in a team, or in competition mode against others.
The OWASP Juice Shop is a site that you can set up and use for this. It has a great Tutorial mode for beginners and a lot of challenges at all different levels as well as a scoreboard where you can track your progress. You can also set up a scoring-server for competitions, like getting the highest score or doing it jeopardy-style.
In this session, you will learn how to set it up, and how it works, and get a kickstart on the hacking. After this session, you will have the knowledge to host your own CFT event.

Code Your Cloud: Terraform on Azure en

In this session, we will explore the benefits of using infrastructure as code (IaC) through Terraform. By utilizing Terraform, you will have full control and visibility over your cloud environment, enabling you to easily trace, preview, and approve changes using the same tools you already use for your application code. We will cover the basics of writing Terraform using HashiCorp Configuration Language (HCL) and demonstrate how to provision resources in Azure, one of the many providers available through Terraform. Additionally, we will delve into common scenarios and discuss the best practices for implementing and running Terraform in your own environment.

Securing the Agile Development Process: Practical Ideas and Implementation Strategies en sv

Security is often treated like the forgotten ingredient in the recipe for agile software development. It's crucial, but too often overlooked. This session will give you some practical ideas to improve your security work as well as provide you with the means to continue to do so. From the very start with an idea for a change or a new feature, to the end when the software is in production, as well as all the steps in between, we will look at the big picture of what kind of security activities fit where, as well as some concrete examples on every step that you can take with you and start implementing right away.

Managing your settings in a secure way using Azure App Configuration en

The settings matrix can become quite complex but with Azure App Configuration you can manage your apps settings in one place for all apps and all environments. No need for transforming config files at deployment and forget about ever viewing your secrets anywhere. Azure App Configuration is also backed by Azure KeyVault when you have the need of storing secrets as settings but still have easy access to them. And as a bonus, it also has great support for feature flags.

Säkerhet i agil utveckling en sv

Säkerhet behandlas ofta som den glömda ingrediensen i receptet för agil mjukvaruutveckling. Det är avgörande, men alltför ofta förbises det. Denna session kommer att ge dig några praktiska idéer för att förbättra ditt säkerhetsarbete och ge dig möjlighet att fortsätta göra det. Från allra första början med en idé för en förändring eller en ny funktion, till slutet när mjukvaran är i produktion, samt alla steg däremellan, kommer vi att titta på helhetsbilden av vilken typ av säkerhetsaktiviteter som passar var, samt några konkreta exempel på varje steg som du kan ta med dig och börja implementera direkt.

Microsoft Defender for Cloud: Simplifying Cloud Security en

Microsoft Defender for Cloud is your guardian for digital infrastructure, offering a centralized hub for all security-related concerns making your job of improving your security easier with best practices recommendations and alarms.
With Microsoft Defender for Cloud, you can not only discover and enhance the security of your Azure accounts and various resources but also manage other cloud platforms. Additionally, it also extends to also monitor your pipelines and source code within Azure DevOps and GitHub.

Mastering the art of prompting en

Ever asked ChatGPT or GitHub Copilot a question and got a surprising answer? It happens a lot, and it might make you think these AI systems aren't that smart. But actually, the problem is often how we ask the questions.

Learning to ask the right way is just like getting better at searching online. It's a key skill for anyone in tech today. In this session, we'll look at what large language models (LLMs) can and can't do, and how to guide them to give us the information or results we need.

Come find out how the right techniques in prompt engineering can make AI work better for you in the world of tech.

IglooConf 2024: Midsummer Sessionize Event

June 2024 Helsinki, Finland

DevSum 2024 Sessionize Event

May 2024 Stockholm, Sweden

Cecilia Wirén

Long time coder - Active Solution

Tierp, Sweden


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