Christopher Johnson

Christopher Johnson

MVP | Director, PSC Group LLC

A SharePoint veteran and MVP, Chris has been speaking all over the country on SharePoint and Office 365 for several years, including recently at Microsoft Ignite. His experience as a developer, architect and consultant provides a unique point of view for implementing Microsoft enterprise products with an eye towards governance, reusability and successful adoption.

Chris has enjoyed speaking at SharePoint Fest Chicago since 2015.

Building collaboration-focused apps for Microsoft Teams and SharePoint

Witness the firepower of this fully armed and operational development platform: Microsoft Teams! We'll cover how to package an end-user experience that includes custom tabs, connectors and bots into a Microsoft Teams app that redefines enterprise application development. We'll also cover how to surface SharePoint customizations in Microsoft Teams.

Agile and Microsoft Teams: Better Together

Fail fast. Welcome change. Meet face-to-face. Work together daily. The best solutions emerge from self-organizing teams.

Sound familiar? Then you already know the value Agile can bring to your organization. What you might not know is that Microsoft Teams was built for Agile. Learn how real-world Agile teams are harnessing the power of Microsoft Teams and the connected, modern workplace to collaborate efficiently, eliminate blockers and deliver value faster.

Whether you run an Agile development team, use Agile in other business verticals, or are just now testing the Agile waters, this session will inspire you to put Microsoft Teams at the heart of your Agile workflow.

Building buy-in for Microsoft Teams: Get the most out of your teams by getting the most out of Teams

As you plan to roll out Microsoft Teams, you'll need to build buy-in across several different verticals to ensure a smooth roll-out and increase adoption.

Learn how to maximize key features of Microsoft Teams to empower different types of teams, from executive leadership to sales and marketing to project work. This session will focus on best practices, tips and tricks for using Microsoft Teams within and across different organizational verticals.

If you're planning to roll out Teams across multiple business verticals, this is for you!

SharePoint and Microsoft Teams: Better Together

It's no secret: Microsoft Teams is the future of collaboration in Office 365. So where does that leave SharePoint? Learn best practices for implementing Teams and SharePoint together from real-world implementations. We'll cover SharePoint and Teams templates and provisioning, search optimization, metadata and folder structures, security, branding, integrations, and even custom development-- all through the lens of Teams and SharePoint together.

Learn how SharePoint customizations truly are Teams customizations, and how these two flagship cloud offerings work better together.

Build once, deploy anywhere: building SPFx web parts for SharePoint and Teams

SharePoint Framework (SPFx) web parts are the best-practice means of extending SharePoint with custom functionality. Now you can build SharePoint Framework web parts once and deploy them to SharePoint AND Teams.

We'll discuss common use cases and best practices for building SharePoint Framework web parts and deploying them to SharePoint and Teams, with a live demo of course!

Designing a SharePoint and Teams architecture for the modern workplace

Employees work in two places-- the "Back Office," where they create and collaborate on the documents and processes that empower them to do their job-- and the "Front Office," where they consume news, events and resources that connect them to the rest of the organization.

The best-of-breed modern workplace must be thoughtfully designed for both use cases. This session will cover best practices for designing such an architecture with Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Online, inspired from real-life experience building and implementing modern workplaces in the Microsoft cloud.

Build an intelligent intranet home page in under an hour!

Intranets are back, baby! In this session, we'll build a mobile-ready, enterprise-grade intranet home page in SharePoint Online in less than an hour, designed to inform, empower and connect your employees. Feel free to bring your laptop if you want to build with me.

Meet Microsoft Teams!

Meet Microsoft's new-ish flagship all-in-one collaboration station, Microsoft Teams. You'll leave this session armed with foundational knowledge of: key features of Microsoft Teams (channels, files and chat), its place in the Office 365 ecosystem (how does it fit with SharePoint and OneDrive?) and common use cases for your first Teams pilot.

Christopher Johnson

MVP | Director, PSC Group LLC