Chris Wahl

Information & Communications Technology

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Austin, Texas, United States

Chris Wahl

Chief Technologist, Office of the CTO, Rubrik

A friendly technologist who enjoys being thrown at challenging situations. Most happy when collaborating on technical designs with a diverse set of peers, learning improved pipeline automation methods, and moving tasks to the right on a Kanban board. Over 20 years of experience across numerous roles as a customer, channel partner, published author, founder, and technology vendor.

Current sessions

FEATURED PRO TALK -Constructing Open Source SDKs for Ops Teams with REST and GraphQL

Operations teams are the front line team that have to install, configure, manage, and maintain a complex set of infrastructure and services. Getting a solid, well-documented SDK into their hands can turn manual, painful processes into simple automation tasks. However, as many APIs are shifting from REST to GraphQL, new approaches to tooling are often required. In this session, you’ll hear about how a small team of engineers builds and maintains a collection of open source SDKs focused on operations teams and how they added support for GraphQL endpoints.

Constructing a Consistent and Stable User Experience with REST and GraphQL APIs

APIs are a fantastic way to extend the functionality of a solution across the data center and public clouds. However, as a solution expands the features and available use cases, the complexity of an API surface area scales in parallel. In terms of cloud data management, it can be difficult to create a consistent and deterministic experience when dealing with a huge quantity of integration points (virtual machines, cloud native workloads, file servers, physical servers, hypervisors, etc). At the same time, the user experience is directly impacted by the quality of documentation and frequency of communication, which are often overlooked by project teams. In this session, you’ll hear about the construction of REST and GraphQL APIs that are used by infrastructure engineers and cloud architects around the globe for data management and the various challenges tackled to deliver an exceptional user experience.

Past and future events

DeveloperWeek Austin 2019

5 Nov 2019 - 7 Nov 2019
Austin, Texas, United States

API Days San Francisco 2019

Constructing a Consistent and Stable User Experience with REST and GraphQL APIs
16 Jul 2019
San Francisco, California, United States

Tech Girls are Superheroes

Creating a ChatBot
15 Jun 2019
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

KBCM Emerging Technology Summit

26 Feb 2019 - 27 Feb 2019
San Francisco, California, United States

Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Strategies (IOCS) Conference

Unleash Game-Changing Agility with Rubrik
4 Dec 2018
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States