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Annapolis, Maryland, United States

Claudio Sanchez

Software Delivery Practitioner

Claudio has been directly responsible for delivering over 10 technological solutions with a value over $5 Million in the last 4 years, demonstrating a deep understanding of software architecture, technology selection, software quality, stakeholder management, work breakdown structures, and software estimation. Ex-Microsoft, Ex-DoD.

Current sessions

Releasing features at the speed of business | Feature Flags

Now more than ever, organizations need to be nimble and continue to ship features at the speed of business™. This is even more true in the very competitive world of mobile apps. Long gone are the days where we could wait several months to release a new version of our app.

These days, customers expect from your mobile app the same nimbleness as their Facebook app, Banking app or Dating app. And if you are not willing to do it, the competition will.

In this session, Claudio will introduce you to the concept of feature flags and show you how to implement them in your Xamarin mobile app, utilizing LaunchDarkly as the Feature Flag as a Service.

Additionally, the talk discusses the different strategies for releasing features, such as canary launch, test in production, kill switch and others.