Carlos Mendible

Carlos Mendible

Sr Cloud Solution Architect @Microsoft | Former MVP Azure & Developer Technologies

Madrid, Spain


Sr Cloud Solution Architect @Microsoft and Former Microsoft MVP with years of successful experience designing and developing multi-tier and cloud applications.

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Azure
  • .NET
  • Kubernetes
  • Dapr

Minecraft Copilot

Explore the process of developing modern applications with .NET and Azure Container Apps.
Uncover the simplicity of deploying intelligent microservices, APIs, and event-driven applications using Dapr while discovering how effortless it is to integrate artificial intelligence into your solutions.
Plus, we'll have an interactive Minecraft world designed specifically for this session, allowing us to play together while we learn.

Revisiting Azure Container Apps

It's been a year since we last talked about Azure Container Apps and there are many new features and improvements.

Walk with me through a series of samples and enjoy the magic of "serverless" Kubernetes.

Azure Container Apps - Dapr Revenge

In this session we will help Avengers build modern applications with open standards on a Kubernetes foundation. We will use Dapr and KEDA, to run our microservices and containerized applications on a true serverless platform. We will perform application lifecycle tasks such as application updates, traffic switching and version control with simple configurations.

Create, Build, and Run .NET 7 WASM apps

In this talk, we’ll look at how to create, build and run a server-side WebAssembly app in C#.

Then we'll push the resulting WASM binary to Azure Container Registry and run the app in Kubernetes!

Meet Azure Container Apps

After years talking about Kubernetes, Dapr and KEDA, it's time to run our microservices and containerized applications on a true serverless platform: Azure Containers Apps.

El Futuro de los Asistentes Digitales

Tal cual, el futuro de los asistentes digitales, más allá del chatbot. Demos en vivo, todo muy visual y espectacular, y por supuesto muy futurista. Power Virtual Agents, Azure Bot Service, OpenAI Service y alguna sorpresa

Cloning your world with Azure & Minecraft

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Café y Azure: Contenedores

Sesión en directo en formato debate charlando de forma distendida sobre el tema en cuestión. Estrellas invitadas con sorpresas al final de cada sesión. ¡No te las pierdas!

Use Azure Landing Zones to rule them all

Join Carlos to understand what an Azure Landing Zone is and how you can design and deploy landing zones providing a clear architecture, reference implementations, baseline security and governance to the different workloads in your organization.

Extending Azure Functions with Dapr

Azure Functions provides you with an event-driven programming model and Dapr a set of essential cloud-native building blocks that you can use together to create great solutions.

Joins Carlos and create a solution that reads tweets, stores them in a database, access secrets, uses pub/sub between functions and much more!

The k8s Workshop

In this workshop you'll learn how to deploy, monitor, scale, secure and debug workloads in AKS:
- Deploy an aplication.
- Configure monitoring and health checks for your application.
- Scale your application to meet demand.
- Enable SSL/TLS with an ingress controller.
- Secret Management with AKS & Keyvault.
- Debugging your Kubernetes application.

Infrastructure as Code War

Let's see how Azure ARM, Terraform, Azure Service Operator for Kubernetes and other solutions compare to each other so you can choose the right weapon to win the Infrastructure as Code War!

Introducción a Dapr

Aprende junto a Carlos que es Dapr, y como utilizar este nuevo runtime para desarrollar soluciones basadas en microservicios, entendiendo como resuleve los retos que implican las nuevas arquitecturas, tanto en cloud como en edge: resiliencia, gestión de estado, secretos, eventos, service discovery, etc...

Programming for Kids with Microsoft MakeCode and Circuit Playground Express

Want to teach programming to your kids? Come and learn with Carlos Mendible and his daughter as they shows you Microsoft MakeCode to bring computer science to children using fun tutorials and Adafruit's Circuit Playground Express.

Live from Spain! - Azure Containers

Durante esta sesión veremos cuál es el estado del arte en el mundo de los Containers y Azure, hablaremos de buenas prácticas, recomendaciones y retos a la hora de trabajar con containers, así como de qué puntos clave hay que tener en cuenta. Nuestros expertos cuentan con una amplia experiencia en el tema, y abordan también situaciones como containers vs serverless, DevOps y containers o qué hacer y qué no hacer si estás empezando.

Dapr: Run Microservices in Azure without SDKs or vendor lock-in

Let's learn how to use Dapr to build resilient, stateless and stateful microservices solutions that run on the cloud and edge solving the challenges you´ll face if you try to remove your applications SDK dependencies, port your applications (without code modifications) between clouds and implement event-driven architectures.

Shhhhh: Secrets Should Stay Secret

A common challenge when building cloud applications is how to manage the credentials in your code for authenticating to cloud services. In this session we'll explore how to keep your credentials safe and how you can work without saving those credentials in the developers machines and therefore avoid an accidental upload to source control.

Discover Managed Identities, a feature that let's you authenticate to any service that supports Azure AD authentication, including Azure Key Vault, without any credentials in your .NET, Java or Golang code or configuration!!!

Azure Kubernetes Service: Lessons Learned

This is the perfect session if you want to understand the tools, features and best practices we've learned from customer engagements, that will allow your enterprise to deploy, use and operate Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) with confidence.

AKS: Keep your Devs close and your OpsSec closer…

Como Dev ya tienes una aplicación funcionando en un contenedor y antes de que la puedas ejecutar en producción tus amigos de OpsSec comienzan con las preguntas "incómodas": como se va a monitorizar? Esto se va a exponer directo a internet? Como securizamos los datos en transito? Que hay de la alta disponibilidad? Acompañame a descubrir las respuestas a estas preguntas mientras usamos AKS.


Ever wonder how to classify your huge picture gallery? How bots know how you are feeling or even who or what is in a picture? Let's learn how to use Azure Cognitive Services to not only answers those questions but to make applications that can help others understand their surroundings.


As a .NET Core developer you´ve probably heard about Azure Event Hubs, Event Grid or even about Apache Kafka and you are wondering what can those tools do for you and your applications. Join me to understand how to create applications, micro-services or components that are completely autonomous and unaware of each other. Let's discover what the event is going on!

Mission: Azure Kubernetes Service

A not so young developer, lives an adventure trying to discover features and prepare AKS so it is recognized as an enterprise ready service, "without" the help of his organization.

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November 2023 Pozuelo de Alarcón, Spain

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May 2023

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November 2022 Pozuelo de Alarcón, Spain

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October 2021

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October 2020

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July 2020

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July 2020

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April 2020 Seattle, Washington, United States

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April 2020

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February 2020 Valencia, Spain

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January 2020 Barcelona, Spain

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September 2019 Santiago de Compostela, Spain

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April 2019 Madrid, Spain

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April 2019 Dublin, Ireland

NetCoreConf Barcelona 2019 Sessionize Event

January 2019 Barcelona, Spain

Global AI/MR Bootcamp Madrid Sessionize Event

December 2018 Madrid, Spain

Global Azure Bootcamp Barcelona 2018 Sessionize Event

April 2018 Barcelona, Spain

Carlos Mendible

Sr Cloud Solution Architect @Microsoft | Former MVP Azure & Developer Technologies

Madrid, Spain


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