Cory Knox

Cory Knox

Software Developer focused on C# and PowerShell

PowerShell Automation specialist with 10 years of experience creating tools to automate and streamline processes.

Git hooked with git hooks

You're using git to track your work, but could you also be using it to prevent embarrassment?

Gitting good, getting started with git.

You've always been told you should be using git, but how do you get started?

Using git bisect to track down hard to find issues

By now, many of us are using git to maintain our PowerShell scripts. Recognizing the power of having previous versions available as well as data around why parts of code were added.

When all you know is that things worked in version X, but no longer work in version Y, where do you turn? Come along and discover how git bisect can be used in the real world to track down exactly when things were introduced to help you quickly find when bugs were introduced so you can more readily squash them.

All you rebase are belong to us

What if you could rewrite history? Would it set us up the bomb?

`pick` this talk so you can `drop` your bad habits and `squash` some bugs. `reword` your thoughts while you `edit` the past. Or just `fixup` the place and be on your way.

Cory Knox

Software Developer focused on C# and PowerShell